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Saturday, September 1, 2007

News and Notes around the NFL

1. What are we doing? Dallas made the final cuts today and I was sort of shocked with what they did. Aaron Glenn was cut. Now, on face value, most Cowboys fans are probably stumped with this decision. Glenn would have been our nickel back for passing defense. This decision was made knowing starter Terence Newman is injured, and it's not one of those little injuries. The guy has a muscle tear.
I don't understand this move one bit. Then, the Cowboys go ahead and cut cornerbacks Joey Thomas and Quincy Butler. Fine. Nothing special shown from any of these guys, but we're parting ways with people in one of our weakest areas of the game. We've had so many problems with deep pass coverage.

The surprises kept coming when Junior Glymph was cut. I thought the guy had a decent rookie preseason and had a better chance of making the team. The Cowboys have just three outside linebackers--the injured and whiny Greg Ellis, DeMarcus Ware and rookie Anthony Spencer, who hasn't had a very good preseason. Second-year linebacker and Buckeye Bobby Carpenter has played some outside linebacker.

Remember Jerheme Urban? He scored the 95-yard punt return Thursday. He was cut, too.

2. Someone is in trouble: Wade Wilson is suspended for five games after breaking the NFL's illegal substance rules. What's unusual about this is Wade's not a QB anymore. He's our QB coach. What impact could this have on the team? Depends. I don't put much weight in QB coaches. I have no idea what Wilson is doing for Romo this year, but some Texas journalist needs to ask Romo this. I don't see it hurting the team that much. Apparently, the substance is HGH and Wilson used it when he was a coach for the Bears. He says he used it for diabetes. We won't doubt that's main's claim, but it is still illegal.

3. My Favorite Dallas Cowboy name: It was certainly a contest between Junior Glymph and Damarius Bilbo. But Bilbo takes it. Here's a little clip of some Bilbo action when he was a WR with Georgia Tech. Both were cut from the team today. Now we have no cool name Cowboys.
In honor of Bilbo:

4. Bye Bye Birdie: The Vick-less Falcons cut former Dallas kicker Billy Cundiff.

5. Dallas fans continue to discuss the rumor of trading Marcus Spears for a cornerback. Gee, it makes more sense now than it did last week when DCFanatic first suggested it. You can read all the hoopla here.

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