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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Odds and Ends

DCFanatic has an interesting post up here about how Dallas can solidify its cornerback ranks. It's a scary proposition, but also one that makes some sense if you think about it too much as I did.

Marcus Spears was the 20th pick in the NFL draft, our second pick of that first round that also got us Demarcus Ware. Let's just say Spears has underachieved for a first round pick. He's in his third season and he hasn't flourished into the great defensive force we thought he could be. He's had one tackle this preseason.

DCFanatic says:

He will never be a good DE in a 3-4 defense. He may be a serviceable defensive tackle in a 4-3 defense. This is the conclusion I have come to after watching him for about two years now on the NFL level.
DCFanatic goes on to say that Spears is our top trade bait to get another cornerback. possibly so. But it's also scary to even consider trading away one of our first rounders. I will be the first to say we could use a top cornerback, but we didn't even make an ounce of an effort to get one in the off-season. Or the draft. Instead, we grab Isaiah Stanback? Uhh, yeah, I know.
Secondly, Rotoworld is reporting Bradie James should see a lot of playing time this season. He hits hard. He has improved.

This does slow the career of Bobby Carpenter who some expected to be starting by now. In fact, I thought James was the top trade bait to allow Carpenter to play. I guess not.

On a side note, Gramatica's days are just about over. He has a sore hamstring and this basically wraps it up for the rookie, Folk, who kicked a 52 yarder this pre season. Congrats to Folk. We need a clutch kicker.

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