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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tank drives into Dallas

As I head for vacation to San Fran, I am lucky enough to have a pitstop at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, at which I have never been. Should I look for something special here during my 3 hour holdover?

Anyway, while I am waiting for my plane in Richmond, I thought I'd bring up the news that embattled former Bears tackle Tank Johnson says he'll be a Cowboy after his suspension for a weapons-related probation violation ends. He is suspended for the first eight games.

As ESPN says, Johnson has never been a nose tackle, but you can bet your bottom dollar that's why we are eying the defensive player. The season-ending injury of Jason Ferguson was a crushing blow to an already injury-riddled team. Although Jay Ratliff has filled in nicely for the Cowboys, the powers-at-be obviously feel as if they need to shore up another player for that position as a safety net. I'm OK with that, even though I've seen no action to secure another cornerback or even a receiver after Crayton's mangled finger.

Personally, I would think we need a larger force for this run-stopping position. Johnson is about the same size as Ratliff, at 300 pounds. Johnson had 3.5 sacks last year for the Bears and 22 solo tackles. The Bears picked Johnson with their second pick in the 2004 draft. He played at Washington U.

I don't think adding TJ to the team will cause any friction. If he screws up, we dump him. I think the team right now has a solid mindset and plays well together. Even T.O. is behaving and that's a huge signal. I think this team wants to prove something to former Coach Bill Parcells, that his 80s coaching style doesn't work anymore and that if he just changed his mindset a little bit he may have had another ring. I just hope Johnson is working out and in good shape, ready to play for a contender, which is what we are.

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YourWorstNightmare said...

Surprised you weren't tapping your foot in the airport bathroom stall. We know all about how you operate, not david derush!