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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dallas makes statement tonight

Any football fans who had doubted Dallas can rest assured tonight that this team is once again a force in the National Football League.

Romo led the charge of an offense that slowly, but surely dismantled a very tough defense. Romo avoided the pass rush and made some amazing moves to keep drives alive. He was spectacular. The only major error in the entire game was Patrick Crayton's dropped ball in the endzone. Minus the penalties, the performance was stellar. The Bears lost four Pro Bowl starters in this game.

More surprising is how the defense played. Anthony Henry is well on his way to becoming a Pro Bowler. Demarcus Ware finally got a sack--two to be exact--and rookie Anthony Spencer got one too. He is ensuring himself security when Greg Ellis finally does return from injury.

At halftime, I was concerned with where exactly the Cowboys would be able to take this game. The refereeing was questionable in the first half, which makes this win that more impressive.

The Dallas Cowboys crushed the defending NFC champions and showed a national audience that America's Team is back.

Marion Barber had another spectacular performance, ending with a 54 yard run and a 1-yard touchdown. He tied an NFL record of eight straight games with more than 6 yards per carry.

T.O. had eight catches for 145 yards. The Bears just couldn't cover him.

Anthony Henry had another awesome game, amassing two interceptions including one for a touchdown that wrapped this game up.

The Cowboys were allowing an average of 386 yards on defense but they held the Bears to 230 yards of total offense.

The bad: 12 penalties for 100 yards is not going to help us farther in the season. We can just live with the fact the Flozell Adams is going to have at least two damn penalties a game, but the rest of the team can shape up.

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kickholder said...

We haven't seen the Cowboys click like this in quite some time-- perhaps the start of the 2003 season, but even that was a mirage. I am not a Terrell Owens fan (and don't use T.O. for that reason), but he is playing like a superstar. Witten was huge as well, softening up the middle so that Owens could find room. Spencer is starting to generate some pressure, and Ware had his best game of the season.