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Sunday, September 2, 2007

New and Notes....

After the questionable cut of Aaron Glenn, Dallas picked up a few players other teams cut.

Claimed off Waivers: LB Justin Rogers (New England) and CB Evan Oglesby (Baltimore)/

We dropped rookie CB Alan Ball and safety Abram Elam.

Nothing real spectacular here at all. A few people on the forums wanted Justin Rogers. Ravens fans say Oglesby is a good special teams player but questionable in coverage.

In other debate, should Wade Wilson be fired? You can check the debate here.
Why do we even care? He's a coach! If he used HGH for diabetes, was this after a doctor suggested it or did Wilson just go get a bottle of this stuff and eat it? None of it makes sense, none of it has to do with the Cowboys and none of it should really matter. I say, let it go.

Bye bye, Matt Moore. The Panthers picked up the QB Dallas cut Saturday. I liked this guy. This could haunt us. The Panthers have a knack of finding needles in a haystack. Let's hope this has no bearing on our future.

And the worst news:
I've got a real heavy week coming at work. I am not excited about it. It probably means I won't be able to make as many posts as I may want. Sunday night, I will make regular posts, with updates on the game. I am so excited. Starting the season against a division foe is always challenging.

My prediction: Dallas 24 Giants 10. Ware gets 2 sacks. Ely Manning throws two INTs and Giants have four turnovers, two of which come from their nonexistent backfield. Nick Folk kicks a 50 yarder, too.

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