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Sunday, September 9, 2007

More on the Fourth Quarter scoring spree!!!

Dallas gets the ball back, leading by just three points. They immediately give it to Julius "Julia" Jones who runs for about two yards. Flozell Adams "leads the world in false starts" quipped Madden. I won't doubt that. Another false start on Adams and it is 2 and 12. JULIUS Jones gets it again and runs out of bounds. Unbelievable. 3rd and 7: SAM HURD SCORES on his first catch of the night, 51 yards!!! WOW!!!! This game is insane!!!!!!

That was a huge play and with 3:03 left, we lead 45-35.

Julius Jones is a huge disappointment. Why is he still in the game?? Give it to Marion!!!!

Did we just put this game out of reach?

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