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Monday, September 3, 2007

Roy Williams: "I'm pissed off."

Oh no. Who would have thought the Aaron Glenn cut would spark the first controversy in the Lonestar state? Well, it appears it has. Roy Williams is quoted, when asked about the cut, that he's pissed off because it leaves a big void in leadership.

You'd think that if the powers at be have something special cooking, that the top players, if not all, would have some idea about it. Maybe it doesn't work that way. But I am started to feel like we're not getting a great CB.

Certainly, no one thinks Even Oglesby is that special CB. I'm at a loss.

Roy Williams is having none of this. Fine. I understand his frustration with that cut. Williams has allowed to many deep pass plays, failing to get in the zone in time. The Glenn cut puts more pressure on him to not only hit people hard, but also to protect Dallas from the deep ball. C'mon Roy, please step up this year. You're a Pro Bowler and a great safety, but have you improved your deep coverage of the surprise bomb?

A few forum posters said it's time for Williams to jump into the leadership role. I'd agree. Someone who hits as hard as he does should automatically be a leader.

So, here's my open letter to Roy Williams: Step up, Roy. Lead this team to the Super Bowl. The fans believe it is in reach. We believe in you. Step up, Roy, and show us how to lead.

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