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Sunday, September 9, 2007


The Giants, with 2:08 left, turned the ball over on downs. WHEW!!!! Dallas gets the ball on the Giants 44.

Barber carried the rest of the game and ran out the clock. We'll get to the Barber debate later.

What a game!! The Dallas offense looked amazing. Romo naysayers, you look foolish. He had one a career night. Romo goes 15-24, for 345 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT. WOW.

The defense was pathetic. 1 sack by J. Ratliff and the rest is awful history. Giving up 35 points to the woeful Giants is a bad sign when your coach is known for his defensive schemes. I don't care about the injuries...just no excuse for what happened tonight.

Here is a breakdown on the receiving:

Receiving REC YDS TD LG
J. Witten6116138
T. Owens387247
P. Crayton351025
S. Hurd151151
M. Barber129029
J. Jones111011

Here is a rushing breakdown:
J. Jones 16 66 0 21
M. Barber 11 65 1 19
T. Romo 3 11 1 9

I am tired and will give a full review of the game tomorrow night, with comments and some harsh reaction. This was a scary game, but I am glad we won. I will have a great week at work!

MVP goes to Tony Romo!!!

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kickholder said...

I am far more confident in the offense now than I was. No dropoff at all without Terry Glenn.

The secondary was awful. I watched the first TD to Burress five times, and all I can say is that Henry looks more like a rookie free agent than a high-priced corner. Randy Moss will eat us alive in a few weeks.