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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Second Quarter to Halftime Dallas Leads 14-7. Romo-Quarter!

The Rams looked as if they wouldn't capitalize on the INT until a 3rd and long throw to Isaac Bruce. That hurt. It was a breakdown by Dallas and good execution by the Rams. The INT Drive continues. On 3rd and 5, a blitz rushed a pass that went out of the end zone. Rams MISSED a short field goal, and that horrible red zone offense continues. Dallas is lucky and it is still 0-0.

On the Cowboys first series of this quarter, the offense continued to sputter at first. But three passes in a row after a seven yard JJ run sparked some movement. Tony Romo recovered well after the INT and led Dallas to their first touchdown. He threw some great passes, chiefly one to Crayton. JJ gets his first touchdown of the year!!!! Good for him. Dallas 7 Rams 0

Rams get the ball again and they still can't move the ball. They may get one decent play, and did, but they cannot capitalize on it any further. Punt, with another penalty on the Rams.

Dallas gets the ball again. I sense a score. Did I just see that right? Two Barber stuffs in a row? I guess so. Shocking. Dallas can't move the ball and punt.

The punt was a disaster and Dante Hall scores.

Dallas 7 Rams 7

With 2:11 seconds left before half time, Dallas gets the ball back. Dallas opened the field up with some short passes. Then the center snaps the ball high over Romo's head. This leads to an amazing play by Romo, who avoids Rams players and runs for a first down. It was an amazing play, one that even made T.O. laugh. It was the highlight of the game so far. Tony Romo is for real.

Right after the Romo play, Crayton goes for 19 yards on a wide open catch. Witten gets 11 more and with 26 seconds left, we're at least in field goal distance. On 3rd and 10 and ROMO SCORES with a run, untouched, his second scoring run of the season! Dallas leads 14-7.

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