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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Halftime commentary. Holy Witten.

Although we come to Halftime leading 17-16, the performance has been sub par. Sans the Romo to Witten connection, we'd be in big trouble.

We've screwed up at almost every level of the game, including special teams, where Thompson fumbled on a kick-off with 22 seconds left in the first half. The Giants creep back, after a 44-yard field goal, capitalizing on the kick-off fumble. Once up 17-6, Dallas heads to the locker room with a one-point lead at halftime.

Keep in mind it would be tied if the Giants didn't botch an extra point.

T.O. has been a non factor, but Romo hasn't thrown to him. He's dealt with double coverage all night and T.O. needs to figure out how to break the double coverage with good routes.

The defense has been inconsistent. Jacque Reeves came up with a surprising INT, but other than that, it's been weak at ever position. Reeves later gives up a touchdown to Burress (his second, including a first-series bomb), providing very little coverage on a quick pass in the end zone.

Absolutely NO PASS RUSH is unexpected. We have no sacks and one QB pressure.

Romo is 8 for 14 in the first half with no interceptions, which is good. But he hasn't really thrown it deep with any success. If the Giants decide to cover Witten, T.O. should be open.

No Dallas fan should be happy with that first half. Thank God for Witten.

To win this game, our secondary needs to make more plays. Roy Williams cannot get beat deep when he is playing deep coverage. Jacque Reeves needs to loosen up and move. His interception was more of an easy opportunity than a great play. He needs to make some great plays.

Most important in the second half will be the defense. We obviously can find ways to score. But can we stop the Giants? We haven't shown we really can with great success. Ware needs to get to Manning, especially with Feguson out of the game with an elbow injury.

We should win this game.

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