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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What's with players on teams facing Dallas making bold predictions?

Will the insanity ever end? First, it was Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce predicting his team would be beat Dallas. They lost. Then it was Jason Taylor in Miami making similar predictions. They got crushed. The Bears decided to keep their mouths closed. Still crushed.

However, today I got wind of the funniest prediction of the year. You can read it here. Rams wide receiver Isaac Bruce has 14 catches for 179 yards and ZERO touchdowns this year. He plays on a Rams team that many picked to win the division. The Rams are 0-3 and look like a Division II college team. Their defense is awful. Their offensive line is riddled with injuries. Yet, Isaac Bruce has the audacity to say: "I guarantee a win this week."

Is he kidding? Usually mild mannered, Bruce has lost his cool. If there were any people who thought Dallas may overlook this match up, you might as well stop. This is certainly going to be stamped on the bulletin board Sunday morning to remind the Cowboys that the woeful Rams think they can beat them.

Stephen Jackson is the only bright spot so far on this team, and he only has 3.4 yards per carry right now. AND HE'S NOT EVEN PLAYING! To make matters worse, QB Marc Bulger has two broken ribs because he's been sacked eight times already.

One of my best friends is a Rams fan. He refuses to watch them this year. "I hate this team," he told me Sunday night. He dislikes the coach, he is tired of Tory Holt, he's annoyed with the injuries, and he's angry the Rams did NOTHING to improve its defense from last year. The special teams still stinks, too.

How could anyone pick the Rams over Dallas this Sunday?

The Rams Blog has nothing about this Bruce Prediction, probably because he is too embarrassed to even print such drivel. I only print it as fodder for the game and readers, because I like to offer some form of comedic value time to time.

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Bill said...

You can't stop Brian Leonard, you can only hope to contain him.