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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dallas vs Miami Game Thread

SECOND QUARTER (Crayton injures pinky, possibly broken. Report is Crayton is on the sidelines and will play. Thanks Silver&Blue4Life for the details)
Dallas has 10-6 halftime lead. Barber scores only touchdown. Dallas D looks much improved.

Highlights: Bradie James is stuffing Ronnie Brown. Anthony Henry had a great coverage INT. The pass rush has improved and we are rushing Green on some passes. But, there are still holes in the secondary.

Romo has looked great in the pocket. T.O. despite his one drop has been money. Witten hasn't been a huge factor yet.

On Miami's fourth series
Green throws a duck to Hagan but he's out of bounds. Chatman gets a nine yard run. On 3rd and 1 Green QB sneaks for a first down. 1:21 seconds left in the second quarter. On 1st and 10, incomplete pass to Booker. 2nd and 10 Green throws too high to rookie Ted Ginn, no good. On 3rd and 10 Booker is wide open in the middle for a first down to the Dallas 42. WHERE IS THE SECONDARY? No pass rush either. Hamlin is backing up as if he is playing deep prevent and backs himself 10 yards out of the play. 1st and 10 Green escapes a sack and then tosses the ball for a gain of 1. On 2nd and 10 Green fires a nice pass for a first down to Chris Chambers. 29 seconds left and Miami is driving in Dallas Territory. A bizarre throw down attempt actually was a fumble and Miami loses 13 more seconds. Hilarious. On 3rd and 11 Green throws it in the back of the endzone. 10 seconds left and the field goal team comes in for a 44 yarder: Good. Dallas leads 10-6.

On Dallas' fourth series f
rom their own 40 JJ is hit in the backfield for a loss. JJ drops off a pass from a pressured Romo. On 3rd and 10 Romo has all day again to pass and throws a nice pass to T.O. BUT ANOTHER DAMN holding penalty sends it back. THAT HURTS! On 3rd and 15 Romo has all day and finds T.O again at the Miami 37! T.O. is hit hard and throws the ball. Another flag is a delay of game on T.O. for a five yarder because he throws the ball away. On 1st and 10, JJ gets 2 yards. On 2nd and 8 Romo passes for a first to backup tight end Anthony Fasano for 12 yards. Romo looks great in the pocket. On 1st and 10 Julius Jones is wrapped up for a short gain. On 2nd and 10 Romo throws to Witten on a play action for a gain of 13 yards and another first down. ROMO LOOKS GREAT FOLKS! On 1st and 10 Romo throws to Sam Hurd for 8 yards, and Hurd's first catch. On 2nd and 2 at the Miami 7 Romo calls a time out. After the time out a quick screen to Barber is dropped. That was a bad play and a horrible call. The right side of the field wasn't even open for a play like that. An audible should have been called. On 3rd and 2 we have a Flozell Adams false start. On 3rd and 7 Romo passes to Owens for a first down and almost breaks a shoelace tackle for a touchdown. Owens has 51 yards so far. On 1st and Goal Barber takes it to the 1, unable to break through a hole. He should have scored here. On 2nd and Goal Barber scores a touchdown and a nice two-yard run! He is so unstoppable in the red zone!!!!! Dallas leads 10-3! Romo was 5/7 for 71 yards on this drive.

On Miami's third series
and Chambers takes a 4 yard catch. On 2nd and 6 Bradie James almost gets a safety on a blitz! No one picked him up. On 3rd and 15, Miami runs for a few yards and have to punt deep in their territory. Dallas D looks much improved.

Dallas' third series
starts at their 37 yard line. Barber gets the ball and gains 8. On 2nd and 2 Barber breaks through the front line and gains about 10 yards. On 1st and 10 Barber strips away from Jason Taylor and gains 4. Barber is running hard. On 2nd and 6 Romo play actions and throws deep to Witten, who bobbles a difficult pass. Romo threw that in double coverage and might have been better off looking for someone else to pass to. On 3rd and 6 Romo has all day to pass, dodges a few people, and decided to run for a first down, making a nice juke at the end. A Romo pass to Patrick Crayton was almost intercepted. Crayton dislocates his pinky on the play, maybe even broken it. On 2nd and 10 Romo throws it to Witten, who gets hit hard by Thomas, throwing the ball in the air and it's nearly intercepted. On 3rd and 10 Julius Jones breaks more tackles and gets a first down, but it's negated with a holding call. On 3rd and 18, JJ slips and falls for no gain. We punt.

Miami's second series
starts with a Ronnie Brown stuff for no gain. On 2nd and 10, Anthony Henry picks off a bomb intended for Marty Booker. SWEET. Henry was in great position for this and easily caught it. Great defensive play. Ken Hamlin was late, but it didn't matter.

FIRST QUARTER ends 3-3 tie

On Dallas' second series,
Miles Austin doesn't try to run it back and takes the touchback. Dallas starts at their 20 yard line. Romo dumps it off to Julius Jones who breaks a tackle and runs for almost 20 yards. ROmo hands off to him again for 1 yard. Romo loses his footing and throws the ball to T.O. for an incomplete pass, but the defense was off sides. On 2nd and 5, Romo runs it for 1 yards and gets hit hard. On 3rd and 4 Romo has all time to pass and completes it to T.O., who juggles the ball a little bit. Nonetheless, it's a first down. A nice end around to Owens goes for about 5 yards. Originally the play looked wide open but the defence closed in fast, thanks to Zach Thomas. On 2nd and 5 Romo hands off to Julius Jones who breaks a tackle and gets a first down with a 6 yard run. Romo attempts a pass that is broken up and falls right into the hands of Keith Traylor, who drops it. Lucky us. On 2nd and 10 Barber gets his first run, barreling through the line, his helmet popping off. Another personal foul, this time on Jerry Porter, gets us a first down. Porter ripped off Barber's helmet like the scum bag he is. I hate Jerry Porter. On 1st and 10, barber runs through Zach Thomas for 4 yard, and the two shake hands after that hit. Thomas is pissed. On 2nd and goal Barber is stuffed at the line. On 3rd and goal we have split backs and Romo int he shotgun. He makes a short pass to Barber who is tackled for a loss of 2 yards. Barber was trying to break the tackle, but ended up backing up too much. Dallas kick a short field goal to tie it 3-3.

The Cowboys start the game with a less than stellar kick off return by Thompson, but then a defensive kick-off personal foul turned it into a sweet kick off return. Thanks idiot Dolphin.
Julius Jones runs for 6 and then a pass play to T.O. is broken up. Surprising to see them throw to T.O. so quick. Romo had plenty of time. On 3rd and 4, Romo throws to T.O. who drops it. His first drop of the season ends the first series. Owens was wide open and Romo had all day to pass it.

Miami's first series starts at their own 37 after a nice 20-yard punt return. Ronnie Brown gains about 4 yards, and the offensive line seemed to easily push the Dallas D line. Not a good sign. Brown is hit hard and forced back by Bradie James. It was a nice play for the defense. On 3rd and 6 the defense jumps off sides but it doesn't matter after a pass up the middle to Hagan. First down Miami. No pass rush. Didn't we know they'd be passing? Green runs for 6 yards after some decent pass rush. Spencer catches him. Ronnie Brown just cannot gain yards and he was stopped again for less than 3 yards. On 3rd and 2 and Miami runs a nice play, a misdirection play to Jesse Chatman. Another first down. Why did we blitz on that play? Ronnie Brown is stuffed again by Bradie James. A horrible miss tackle after a nice catch by Ronnie Brown gives Miami 1st and 10 at the Dallas 19 yard line. Not sure who missed that tackle, but it was awful. Brown is stuffed again for 1 yard, with Anthony Henry getting the tackle. On 2nd and 10 Miami does an end around to Chambers, and although Roy Williams misses the damn tackle, we still get them for a loss of 4. On 3rd and 14, Green is under pressure and throws it away.
To summarize, the Dallas D looks slightly better this week. They are getting to Green and stuffing the run. Miami gets a 36 yard field goal for a 3-0 lead.

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