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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fourth Quarter

UPDATED 4th Quarter:

Romo throws a bizarre interception in the middle and Giants immediately get the ball back in Dallas territory. We cannot put this game away. Romo was flawless almost until then. That was not good. 6:30 left in the game.

Giants continue to drive the ball and on a 3rd and 3 on Dallas 15, a pass to a rookie is good for a first down. THE DEFENSE NEEDS TO STEP UP!!!! NOPE. Burress scores his third damn touchdown on a cross route in the middle of the damn end zone. Pathetic. Roy Williams provided no help. Dallas still leads 38-35, after leading by 16. My golly. This is too close!


After the Ward run, the Dallas D holds in the red zone. Giants kick another field goal, making it 31-22 Dallas. We can put the game away here with another touchdown.

Dallas starts with a nice 25-yard gain via Romo to Crayton. The Giants are TIRED. Julius Jones gets stuffed again. He hasn't looked too good. Never really has. Marion Barber should get the rest of the caries this quarter. We'll see.
T.O. BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a throw by ROMO!!! T.O. takes it up the middle for about a 45 yard catch and run. WOW baby!!!! Dallas offense looks great with a 38-22 lead. Owens has 3 catches, 87 yards, and two touchdowns, all in the second half!
Giants continued to move the ball on Dallas, with runs and passes. With 8 minutes left, the Giants easily drove the ball into Dallas red zone. It was another pathetic exhibit from the defense. And Ward scores on a nice run. Giants go for 2: Anthony SPENCER gets his first great play and keeps this a two-score game. 38-28 Dallas.

Can we PLEASE stop the Giants third string running backs?? Our defense is like Swiss cheese. Not good, folks. Not good. Wade Phillips is a defensive coach. What the hell!!!!

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