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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Who's excited??? Week 1 picks


I didn't sleep at all. This happens annually on the NFL's opening week. The excitement in me is too much, and after four hours of sleep, I am up putting clothes on to go get some bagels. I turn the TV on to the NFL Network and just patiently wait for 1 p.m.

Dallas has fared well over its existence on opening day, but the last nine years, the team has struggled in September. With a new coach, new defensive scheme and a new starting Quarterback, I feel good about tonight.

The New York football Giants are a struggling team seeking its identity after the retirement of one of its best running backs. The loss of Tiki Barber is huge. The dysfunction on that team with head coach Tom Coughlin will hurt this team all year. I sense a few teams will be seeking Bill Cowher at season's end and one of them probably will be the Giants--unless of course they perform. I don't see them doing it this year. I honestly think the Giants finish last in the NFC East and Coughlin is fired at the season's end. In fact, the Giants may even look to start fresh, and that means trade Eli Manning. He's been unimpressive in his career after all the hoopla that the Mississippi grad was going to be better than his brother.

Those who think Brandon Jacobs is going to replace Tiki Barber are out of their minds. Those who think Strahan is just going to jump on the field and perform our whacked, too.

But the Dallas Cowboys, they have the solid framework needed to win the NFC this year. The defense is improved up front. The two-back system works. And Romo, despite the naysayers, has talent. Patrick Crayton can play. Terrell Owens is T.O.

During the game, I am going to try and do regular updates. My Internet has been acting up lately, but I will be here.

Who wins the NFC East? Well the NFL Network just said the Eagles. But Sterling said Dallas, because they are balanced on offense and defense more than the Eagles.

I agree. The Eagles, however, will be tough.

Here's my picks for Week 1.

Denver vs Buffalo
Denver wins 27-14. Buffalo loses its best defensive player and does little to improve its offense. I am not sure JP Losman is the answer. I do think Jay Cutler is the answer for Denver.

Tenn vs Jacksonville
Tennessee wins 17-14. The surprise drop of Byron Leftwich will hurt this team in week 1. Vince Young will score both TDs. Both teams will look unimpressive though

Miami vs. Washington
I do think Trent Green will be the best QB Miami has had since Marino. But I am not sure it's enough to win this game. The defense is aging and I am not sure Ronnie Brown is good enough, but he may be. Meanwhile, Washington's defense, at least the secondary, is scary. A lot of people believe in Jason Campbell, but I never even thought he was good at Auburn. This game will be close. Miami 21 Washington 20.

Carolina vs. St. Louis
The Rams still have a powerful offense. Their defense is downright horrible. But that offense is too good. Carolina, on the other hand, has a better defense. It's offense is mediocre, even with Steve Smith. I don't think Carolina has improved. At least St. Louis tried to improve its defense, but I am not sure picking up players from the Lions will do that. Still, Rams win 34-17.

New England vs. New York Jets
This could be a great game. I love the Bill Belichick vs. Eric Mangini matchup. Belichick is such an ass. Mangini is a good coach. But many pick the Patriots to win it all this year. It's a safe pick. But the Jets certainly improved their team, mostly by picking up former Bears back Thomas Jones. Picking up Randy Moss will help the Patriots, too. But is Moss ever going to produce like he did when he played for the Vikings? We'll find out. Patriots 30 Jets 20

Atlanta vs Minnesota
The Falcons are reeling still from the Vick fiasco and it will hurt them all year. No one believes they will do well. But Joey Harrington looked good in the preseason. But, then again, it's the preseason. Quincy Carter looked good in the preseason. Minnesota picked up a rookie running back, Adrian Peterson, who may turn the franchise around to the Purple People eating days, but that all depends on how well the purple defense does. New Coach Bobby Petrino walks into a dicey situation. But I have little faith in Viking QB Tavarius Jackson. Vikings 30 Atlanta 10

Pittsburgh vs Cleveland
I hope Cleveland stinks it up this year. Dallas has their top pick in the 2007 draft and that could bring one amazing player to the Cowboys next year. Let's hope for the worst in Cleveland, even though I would like to see Brady Quinn succeed later in his career. Pittsburgh's defense shouldn't be too shabby, but the offense, I am just not sure. Willie Parker is fast. Pitt 24 Cleveland 9

Philly vs Green Bay
Who doesn't love Brett Favre? I mean when you look up American football in a dictionary, his picture should pop up. He's one of the best competitors ever. The Packer defense has improved, with AJ Hawk and Aaron Kampman. But I am not sure GB will ever reach the level the team had in the 90s. Favre is old. He tosses balls in the air. He's just not the same. And the always boggled my mind how good this team is when McNabb was healthy. The no-name receiving corps never seemed to matter. But will the declining defense? I think so. Still, the Eagles will be very competitive, and may be one of the top teams in the NFC. Eagles 31 Packers 24

Kansas City vs Houston
Kansas City is awful, folks. Sure, surprises happen, but the NFL doesn't have this much parity. The Chiefs looked pitiful in the preseason. Houston looked great. Is Matt Schaub the next great NFL QB? I know the Falcons are punching themselves in the face right now. Seriously though, the Texans aren't the same Texans. They have a star receiver now, and a veteran running back who still has life. The defense is better. They may be a shocker this year. Houston 31 Kansas City 10

Tampa Bay vs Seattle
Both teams are declining. Seattle did nothing to improve its defense. Tampa Bay just went out and grabbed every damn mediocre QB it could. Tough call here. I think Jeff Garcia shouldn't be written off after his impressive work last year with the Eagles. Seattle 11 Tampa Bay 10

Chicago vs Chargers
I will be surprised if the Bears keep their winning season streak going. Am I off base to say this? The offense just blows. The Chargers, however, are purely amazing. This is a great opening game, but I don't think it will be close. Chargers should win the Super Bowl this year. Chargers 34 Bears 10

Detroit vs Oakland
This game should be fun to watch only because both teams rotted last year. A lot of sports talk show hosts say the Raiders will be much improved. I say stop smoking weed. There's just no way. Sure, the defense was brilliant at times last year, but so were the Lions on rare occasions. But, it's unfair to compare the two defenses. This is a guess. A pure guess. Lions 24 Raiders 19


Dallas vs Giants
The secondary for Dallas needs to have a great game. Adversity smacks the Cowboys in week 1 and if the team is going to be a contender this year, then it must face adversity head on and win this game convincingly. The Giants hate their coach. The star players don't click as one. I just don't see this team doing well this year, especially after the abrupt retirement of Tiki Barber and his constant bashing of the team. Marion Barber will have a great game. So will DeMarcus Ware. DALLAS 24 Giants 10


Serenity Now said...

Seattle 11, Tampa Bay 10? Are you high this morning? Seriously?

IHeartTO said...

You've done pretty good on your picks so far.