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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 4 Predictions

Well, he we are in Week 4 of the NFL season. Here's my predictions:

Houston vs Atlanta
I am not sure why several people are picking Atlanta to win and several fantasy experts are telling me to sit Matt Schaub. Why? Atlanta is not good. They will win probably just three games this year. With that said, Houston is a much-improved team. They look good but one important factor in this improved season is the play of WR Andre Johnson, who has a bum shoulder. So, the game will be closer. Houston 14 Atlanta 10

Jets vs Buffalo
It's hard to believe the Bills are 0-3 after almost beating the Broncos in Week 1. It's the defense, which has just been bad for the Bills this year. Losing rookie linebacker Posluszny doesn't help. The Bills have won three of the last five against the J-J-Jets. But they won't win today. Expect Jets TE Chris Baker to get another TD, sending the fantasy freaks in a frenzy to grab him, and a win for the Jets 21 Buffalo 14.

Baltimore vs Cleveland

Baltimore is one of the worst 2-1 teams in the NFL. Their offense is crap and Steve McNair only has 1 touchdown. Meanwhile, every Cowboys fan on Earth is hoping the Cleveland Browns lose every single game left because we have their first round pick. So, to remain consistent, the Ravens are going to win this game, and let's hope McNair's leg doesn't fall off.
Baltimore 24 Cleveland 10

Chicago vs Detroit

I think the big Dallas win last week really hurt the Bears. Their defense is in shambles with all of the key injuries. But the quarterback change with Griese could spark a fire underneath this offense. Highly unlikely, but it could. Then there is Detroit, with magic man John Kitna, who sustained a concussion this year only to return in the final quarter to win the game. If Detroit wins, they stay a game behind the Packers. If they lose, they fall two games behind, as will the Bears. I think the Lions pull this out only because of the Bears injuries on defense. Detroit 28 Chicago 20

Oakland vs Miami

With Trent Green at the helm, not many figured Miami would be this bad. But they are. Oakland, however, looks slightly improved, but not great. So you would think this game is a toss up. It is. I say pick the team with the most rushing yards, and that would be the Raiders. Jordan has a 5.1 yards per carry with 350 yards so far this season. Ronnie Brown has 177 yards. Yuck.
Oakland 28 Miami 24

Green Bay vs Minnesota

Does Green Bay finally got a loss this week? The Packers don't seem to have much of a running game, so if the Vikings concentrate on Favre and the passing game, they very well may get crushed with the running game that the Packers don't seem to have. The Packers have won three of the last four games in Minnesota. Will they make it four? Well, I know Favre will break the all-time touchdown record. But he'll also throw a couple of interceptions. And the Vikings defense likes to score. In fact, I predict the Viking defense scores to win this game. Green Bay 24 Minnesota 27.

Tampa Bay vs Carolina
David Carr gets his first start for Carolina. Both teams are fighting for the division lead in what might be the worst division in the NFL. Both the Saints and Falcons stink. I suspect the Panthers will give the ball a lot to Deshaun Foster, who will increase his 5.2 yards per carry with a decent game. Sit Cadillac Williams; he won't get much. The running game will be key in this matchup, and the Panthers win it. Tampa Bay 17 Carolina 31

San Fran vs Seattle

San Fran has to win this game if they are going to do anything this year. The Seahawks have dominated this division for the past few years and it appears they could do it again if the 49ers don't pick it up. Frank Gore has been unspectacular this year, and Shaun Alexander has a bad wrist. It's hard to run and carry the football when your wrist is broken. But I still have a hard time picking the 49ers right now. Alex Smith is barely passing above .500 and Hasselback is solid. Seattle 24 San Fran 20

Pittsburgh vs Arizona
Pittsburgh has been a big surprise this year. Arizona has not. In comes old-timer Kurt Warner to see if he can better utilize what looks like on paper as an amazing corp of receivers for the Cardinals. Willie Parker is going to get the ball to slow this game down a bit. But the Steelers haven't gone 4-0 since 1979 and that's a long, long time ago. Steelers 41 Cardinals 21

Denver vs Indianapolis
If Denver is any good, you'd figure they'll have to beat the Colts. Are they any good? It's hard to say. But when you compare Jay Cutler to Peyton Manning you can't help but want to pick the Colts. Addai is looking solid again and yet Travis Henry has a 5 yard per carry stat right now. But the Colts still have Adam Vinatieri, a clutch kicker who won the game for the Colts last year. He'll do it again. Denver 34 Colts 37

Kansas City vs San Diego
San Diego will pick it up for this game and defeat one of the worst teams in football. LT needs to have a good, no a great, game this week. Maybe it will boost this team and catapult them to stardom again. It's hard to believe how bad the Chargers look right now. The Chiefs are hopeless.
Kansas City 17 San Diego 34

Giants vs Eagles
Was Donovan McNabb amazing last week or what? I think he found his groove after a season-ending injury last year. Meanwhile, the Giants have somehow been able to remain competitive, and they beat the Redskins last week. But the Giants have too many injuries this week, with Burress and backup RB Ward hurt. That's too much for the Giants to win. Eagles 35 Giants 14

New England vs Cincinnati
The Patriots got a breath of new life with the smart pick up of Randy Moss in the off season. He's performed like his Viking days. A majority of folks is picking the Patriots to win it all, but it is way too early. We know Cinci is not going to win anything. They just can't get a rushing attack going. New England has one. Just too many weapons. Patriots 38 Bengals 17

Cowboys vs Rams
Ahh, yes. Isaac Bruce guaranteed a win in this game. In three hours we'll find out what this guy is made of. Listen, the Rams won't win this game. Although their defense is ranked 7th in the league, that doesn't mean a whole lot when you look at whom they've played. The Cowboys offense is potent and the Rams haven't faced players like this yet. Then, on the Rams offense, QB Marc Bulger has two broken ribs and RB Steven Jackson is not playing with a bad groin. How in the world will the Rams win this game? Only if the Dallas secondary has a complete fall out. It won't.
Dallas 38 Rams 21

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