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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Third Quarter

Dallas comes out of the third quarter early with some strength. T.O. makes his first catch with 12:38 in the 3rd. Just a cross route. The ball was a little high and T.O. made a nice catch. Julius Jones also had a nice run.

Right back to T.O. for an amazing one-handed touchdown!!! An incredible catch. FINALLY!!!! Dallas up 24-16.

But how will the defense fare in its first series of the second half?

The Giants fumbled the kick off, but recovered. The crowd booed loudly. It wasn't even a fumble, the replay showed. Still, the secondary cannot make a play and gives up a first on a 3rd and long---another pass to Burress. 10 minutes left in the 3rd.

The 3rd continued with the same: no pass rush and Manning has plenty of time to pass to either Toomer or Burress. The Giants first second-half series ends with a decent play by Reeves in the end zone. Giants kick a 48-yard field goal. Dallas 24 Giants 19.

We can put this game firmly in our hands with a score here. Let's see what happens!

Dallas didn't do anything on their series and it was 3 and out. Giants did the same and back to Cowboys with 3:08 left in the 3rd.

Time for a rum and ginger, folks!


Witten continues to have an amazing game. The play action pass play calling has worked well for Dallas. Witten has 6 catches for 116 yards and 1 TD. We reach the Giants red zone when Romo runs it in for a 10-yard touchdown! WOW!!!! What a play by ROMO!!!! Dallas is now pumped and the crowd is roaring!!! 1:12 left and Dallas is up 31-19.

Romo is 12 for 20, 222 yards and two passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown. He is outplaying the highly touted Eli Manning.
The Giants end the third quarter with a huge run from no name Derick Ward. It's shocking how the Dallas D can make a name out of nobody like this. Giants start fourth in scoring position, but down by 11 points.

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