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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Week 2 Picks

Houston vs Carolina
Houston is no joke this year. And I think Carolina played a team last week with a horrible defense. Nonetheless, this game should be close. Andre Johnson looks great and Matt Schaub is paying dividends. Jake Delhomme looked great. Keep in mind that the Panthers are 20-2 when Deshaun Foster carries the ball more than 15 times. Houston 21 Carolina 20

Cincinnati vs Cleveland
I plan to pick against Cleveland every week because I am biased. Dallas has Cleveland's No. 1 Pick in 2008 and wouldn't it be great to get the first pick in thw draft. Cinci 43 Cleveland 10

Indianapolis vs Tennessee
Think the Colts are going to run roughshod over the Titans? Think again. It appears QB Vince Young is for real despite his questionable brain power and that Chris Brown is better than we all thought. However, we know how good the Colts are. Titans D needs to show up or else it will be a long night. Colts 32 Titans 24

New Orleans vs Tampa Bay
Who looked worse in Week 1? On paper, the Saints shouldn't have a problem with beating the Bucs. But they don't play the games on paper. The Saints had a great run last year. They won't this year. Jeff Garcia can win 8 games for the Bucs if they find a running game. Tampa Bay 20 Saints 17

San Francisco vs St. Louis
Both teams were unimpressive in Week 1. Sloppy and questionable play calling hurt both teams. So who wants this game more? Personally, I think the 49ers too. They are younger and the defense is much better than the woeful Rams. But, the Rams offense is still potent, despite last week's game. Look for Frank Gore to have a big game. 49ers 30 Rams 21

Buffalo vs Pittsburgh
What a tough loss for Buffalo last week. I will say this, rookie runner Marshawn Lynch is for real. He's powerful and fast. He may be rookie of the year. But the Bills have a serious quarterback problem. JP Losman is just awful, and it's too bad, because they have a lot of pieces in place to contend. Pittsburgh looked great last week, eh? Ben Roethlisberger had 4 TDs and even I thought it was a misprint. He won't do it today. Buffalo 24 Pittsburgh 10

Green Bay vs NY Giants
Without Eli Manning, the Giants are just a pretty poor ball team. Their defense is porous and the run game won't be as good as it was last week. Derrick Ward? Please! Green Bay surprised a lot of people in Week 1. But the Eagle's pitiful special teams punt return problems was the sole reason for that loss. Green Bay will win this game, too. But not easily. Green Bay 17 Giants 7

Atlanta vs Jacksonville
Atlanta looked awful, and we all expected that. Joey Harrington should just use stats from the preseason because he always does well. Put him in for a real game and he just blows it as usual. His post-game press conference was hilarious. He won't help this team win 1 game. Jacksonville, on the other hand, didn't look much better. The Jags will pull this one out and might use it to catapult them to a contender this year. If they lost, stick a fork in them. Atlanta 7 Jacksonville 20

Seattle vs Arizona
Seattle isn't that good folks. Arizona should be a lot better than they are. So what gives? Each time I watch the Seahawks, I wonder: "How does this team win?" Shaun Alexander is the most overrated runner in the league and I may get bashed for saying that. Edgerrin James plays real well against the 'Hawks. He will today, too. Seattle 17 Arizona 24

Minnesota vs Detroit
Did anyone see the Lions pull it out over the Raiders? The Raiders had a nice comeback and then Detroit just put the stake in them with an overwhelming offense and some decent defensive plays. Could this be the year of the Lions? No. Heck no. But they won't be a doormat of the league. Minnesota's rookie running back Adrian Peterson was money. He is money. But they have quarterback problems and they really ought to look at Byron Leftwich. Minnesota's defense looks good, too. But they didn't face the receivers last week that they will face this week. Expect a good game and Lions win. Detroit 30 Minnesota 17

Oakland vs Denver
Denver looked pretty bad last week. Oakland looked better. But Oakland isn't better than Denver. Jay Cutler threw for 304 yards last week. He will again this week. Look for Daunte Culepeper to have a decent game to in his effort to become the Raiders starter. Denver's O will be too much though. Denver 34 Raiders 21

Kansas City vs Chicago
Kansas City is a painful team to watch. Chicago's defense is so damn fast. Expect Chicago to rebound big after last week's disappointing loss to the Chargers. Kansas City, even with LJ, just won't be good this year. Chicago 35 Kansas City 10

New York Jets vs Baltimore
Would the Jets have won last week if the Patriots didn't cheat? No. But the Patriots are still scummy cheaters. The Jets can be good, but they need their defense to show up every game. Baltimore has quarterback problems, too. This game could be a toss up if Mangini didn't want this win so bad. Don't be surprised if the Jets rebound, and rebound big. The Ravens have ZIP for offense. Jets 45 Baltimore 20

San Diego vs New England
Watch what happens when you can't cheat anymore. No one is picking the Patriots this week because we all hate cheaters. San Diego had it rough last week, but in the late second half, they looked tough...real tough. Believe it or not, it'll actually be easier for the Chargers in Week 2. The Patriots aren't going to win them all. Chargers 24 Patriots 13

And Finally
Dallas v Miami
I love the cocky Miami fans thinking they'll win this game. It's laughable, not laudable. Point is, Dallas will see improvement on the defense, at least with pass rushing. The secondary may still be iffy. But I don't see Chris Chambers doing anything that amazing. Romo will have three touchdowns and will pass for 300 yards. Terrell Owens will catch all the TDs tonight. And Witten will do well, again. Expect problems with the running game this week, but that's OK. Dallas 27 Miami 13


kickholder said...

On Pigskin Pick'em, Pittsburgh is a 9 1/2 favorite over Buffalo. I like your pick there. I think that Minnesota my surprise a few people and knock off Detroit. I also think the Chiefs will hold the score closer against the Bears, so I took the points (12 1/2) there.

PJS said...

Steelers will cover and troucne the Bills. Big Ben has the tools and a new offensive coordinator is opening up the playbook. Expect big things from the Steelers offense.

And the Lions? Please. The Vikings have won 10 straight against the Silver and Blue. Don't expect that to change today.

Not David Derush said...

The Lions sure look good to me PJS.

Not David Derush said...

Yeah PJS, they Lions look really good, even with a second string QB. Yikes for you.