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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Keenan McCardell?

It seems like a long time ago when Keenan McCardell was the Jaguars No. 1 receiver. That year, 1996, he amassed 85 catches, 1,129 yards, 3 touchdowns, and earned himself a trip to the Pro Bowl. The Jaguars then snagged Jimmy Smith and McCardell became the No. 2 guy. They became known as "Thunder and Lightning."

McCardell's best season was in 2000, when he caught 94 passes for 1,207 yards and 5 touchdowns.
McCardell has a Super Bowl ring with the Buccaneers, where he was the No. 2 receiver next to Keyshawn Johnson.
Well, there's a rumor that McCardell, who was dropped by the Texans, may be picked up by Dallas because of the Terry Glenn injury.

McCardell is no slack. I have no idea why his productivity fell so much last year with the Chargers, or why he was dropped by the Texans. But, to play for a contender might be enough to get his sparkplugs roaring.

Here are is career stats:

1991Washington Redskins0000---00000
1992Cleveland Browns20188.080001
1993Cleveland Browns631323418.04344211
1994Cleveland Browns1331018218.23403010
1995Cleveland Browns1655670912.736410032
1996Jacksonville Jaguars161585112913.35238457
1997Jacksonville Jaguars161685116413.760515255
1998Jacksonville Jaguars15156489213.967612344
1999Jacksonville Jaguars16157889111.449511150
2000Jacksonville Jaguars161694120712.867513358
2001Jacksonville Jaguars161693111011.945611258
2002Tampa Bay Buccaneers14146167011.06566130
2003Tampa Bay Buccaneers161684117414.076813453
2004San Diego Chargers763139312.73116019
2005San Diego Chargers16167091713.154912150
2006San Diego Chargers14113643712.12803024
I personally think a veteran fits best. McCardell has performed to Terry Glenn level in 2005. That wasn't long ago. Plus, he's been coached by Wade Phillips. I think it's a win-win for the Cowboys.

UPDATED: Grizz on says in his Podcast that Glenn, is in fact, out for the season. He cites a Dallas source.

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