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Monday, December 3, 2007


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dallas Cowboys Offensive Line Not Getting Respect?

I think it's prime time to honor the Dallas Cowboys offensive line.

Left Tackle Flozell Adams, Left Guard Kyle Kosier, Center Andre Gurode, Right Guard Leonard Davis and Right Tackle Marc Colombo probably had their best game Thursday against the packers, who have the NFL's sack leader Aaron Kampman. Tony Romo was barely touched.

In fact, Romo has been sacked just 16 times this year. The offensive line held the Eagles and Packers sackless in two very key matchups. Other than Flozell's common false start penalties, this offensive line is producing at a much higher level than last year.

I guess we will find out when the Pro Bowlers are named, but there isn't an offensive line in the NFL right now that is better than the Dallas Cowboys front five. They've protected a mobile Tony Romo, and have opened up holes for the dynamic rushing duo of Julius Jones and Marion Barber.
So who leads this squad? Certainly one could say that the addition of Leonard Davis thrusted this offensive line to elite status. Marc Colombo has been stellar. I believe both will be chosen fro the Pro Bowl and it will be well deserved.

Sean Taylor's Murder and the Black KKK

In CNN's story about the Sean Taylor murder, it's a shocking ending to what was a senseless act of violence.

Remember Arizona Cardinals cornerback Antrel Rolle's comments that Taylor had a lot of enemies on the streets and he strongly doubted this was a random shooting? I, and many other people, took that as damming evidence that something much more premeditated happened at Sean Taylor's Miami home than just a burglary gone awry. I was quick to criticize the Miami-Dade police for not releasing information about this incident on a regular basis. A spokesman for the department told people that this crime did not appear to be premeditated. We doubted him. It just didn't sound right. The Miami-Dade police had it right and deserve kudos. I was wrong to listen to Rolle, a long-time friend of Taylor's

The four suspects, two who have allegedly confessed, are charged with unpremeditated murder. All four have prior arrests for crimes such as selling drugs, theft, and driving infractions. Police said Charles Wardlow, Eric Rivera, Venjah Hunter and Jason Mitchell didn't know Taylor was home. When Taylor surprised them at his bedroom front door with a machete, he was shot.

Eric Rivera, according to the Associated Press, apparently had a myspace page. I cannot find it, but when you type in Eric Rivera and his nickname "$Mr. FLorida$" it's no surprise you get a few profiles of some seriously angry black men, some holding automatic weapons and plastering the "N" word all over the page. Several people with the same name have posted messages asking people to stop sending them mail because they are not the "Eric Rivera."

Headline: "NO! I did not kill Sean Taylor, that was unfortunately another Eric Rivera in Florida. Can I please stop getting messages?"

Remember NFL-FOX writer Jason Whitlock's piece on the Black KKK? The article now has an editor's note: This column originally appeared Wednesday, two days before Friday's arrests of four men in the shooting death of Sean Taylor. Mr. Whitlock was heavily criticized for that article, and others that have a similar theme. The criticism is misdirected. He hit a nerve with the general public because most people shun the truth because it hurts too much. Will people still attack Mr. Whitlock for his prophetic article?

Taylor's murder is a tragedy that will affect the NFL's image and the Washington Redskins for many years. An omen of sorts, the 'badass' images many football players, and even worse NBA basketball players, try to portray is getting old. The rap society has gone berserk with violence and it's spreading across America. Rivera's Web page was proof of this poison. His photographs showed him lying on a bed draped in $100 bills as he fanned a wad of dough. His page was wallpapered with money signs.

I am tired of this anger. And I don't think the The National Association of Black Journalists should be telling me that because I am white, I have no right to write about this subject because I don't get it. I'm tired of this argument. You live a good, peaceful life, and work hard, then you won't run into any trouble. But when your own race is knocking of one another, how is it that I don't get it? Obviously, they don't get it.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Major Announcement For Dallas Cowboys 24/7 Blog Readers

When I started this blog in June, one of the reasons I did it was to have some fun with my favorite football team. I love the Dallas Cowboys. I have been watching them since I was 5 years old and I grew up in the late 70s and 80s during the Tom Landry era. I loved Tom Landry and the teams he created.

I was recently approached by the owners of this blog who told me they really liked my blog and its edginess. They asked me if I would be interested in partnering with them, and in exchange, they would help me become the best Dallas Cowboys blog on the planet.

With all of the Cowboys blogs out there, I thought mine was one of the more edgier ones, with stinging criticism, realistic commentary and even some funny information about the NFL. I also wrote about some very serious topics, such as the Sean Taylor murder, and recently my readership numbers have surged.

I didn't have to think very hard about this partnership with I think this will be good for my readers, and good for this blog. I will team up with some of the best NFL bloggers on the Internet. Together, we will create an NFL blogging network, and together we will become the largest NFL blogging network in the world.

With that said, the new name of this blog will honor the best Cowboys coach ever: Tom Landry.

This site will be retired, and I will redirect readers to the new site soon. In the coming days, I will announce the name of this new Web site.

The content and mission of this blog will not change. In fact, it should all improve. I will have a graphic artist team and guest bloggers, who have great knowledge about the Dallas Cowboys. You will see at least five posts a week, and probably much more.

This will be the premier spot to go for Dallas Cowboys chatter. I hope you continue to visit the new site, and bring a horde of new followers. There's a lot of fun ahead of us, and more Super Bowls to win.

Go Dallas!


Arrests Made in Sean Taylor Murder

Miami-Dade police arrested four men in connection with the shooting death of Sean Taylor. And it appears that the police were correct in that this was a random act of violence by men who did not know Taylor personally. The story is here.

"They were expecting a residence that was not occupied, so murder or shooting someone was not their initial motive," Robert Parker, director of the Miami-Dade Police Department, said Friday night."They were certainly not looking to go there and kill anyone," he said. "Their obvious motive was to go there and steal the contents of the house."
This provides the Taylor family with some peace of mind. Police have more than one confession in this case, according to CNN.

I have to get ready for work. But good work by the Miami-Dade police. Despite my criticism and that of other people, they pulled this one out. I will blog more on this later.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hi, I am Bryant Gumbel. Please Shoot Me. Yes Me. And Then Him!

UPDATE: People are e-mailing me more Gumbel blunders from last night. Check below for the new ones!!! This is insane!

For nearly four hours I was subjected to some of the worst play-by-play football announcing ever in the history of the NFL. And all on a network that cable companies and the NFL make half the country pay for because it's "that good."

I am speaking about Bryant Gumbel. Folks, how does this guy have a job in the NFL? What the hell are they thinking?

Let's review some of the Gumbel Fumble Follies:

Kevin Burnett is on the bench, with a possible hurt shoulder.

1. Gumbel : Oh it looks like Akin Ayo... wait that's Bradie James.. is hurt.
Collinsworth : That's Kevin Burnett.

2. Gumbel says Green Bay and Dallas have won 17 NFL championships. Does he mean NFC? Yep. Does he know what the NFC is? Nope. Who the hell writes his script? Dawg has pointed out that I am wrong here. SHows my ignorance but I didn't think the Packers won 12 NFL championships. I will review this alleged error later.

3. Gumbel says "Rick Romo" will be interviewed after the game. Yes, he said Rick. Then, earlier, he calls him Antonio Romo.

4. Gumbel called Nick Folk, Nick Arizona. Yes, Folk graduated from the University of Arizona, but can this guy read a damn piece of paper? Come the hell on!!!

5. At the beginning of the second half, Gumbel announces it as the second period. This ain't hockey douchebag!

6. "Marion Barber is the heartbeat of the Green Bay offense."

7. "Here comes the Green Bay Packers" Gumbel said as the Cowboys came out of the tunnel.

Finally, what the hell is that turkey gizzard hanging from his damn neck. Get some damn plastic surgery, Mr. Moneybags. Man, I know you've lost a lot of weight, but get that shit tucked in. And find a new job. You are HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!

Terrell Owens' Popcorn Got Too Much Butter?

7 Catches. 156 Yards. 1 touchdown.

Great game, right? Not so fast. After Terrell Owens caught that single touchdown in the Dallas Cowboys dominating 37-27 win against the Green Bay Packers, he grabbed the fan's popcorn container and pretended he was eating some of that famed popcorn he likes to talk about so much. Apparently, he got some butter on his hands because later in the game, when it really counted, he flopped.

That was not an innocuous drop in the fourth quarter. Not only was that fourth-quarter drop pathetic (we were up by just 3 points), it almost cost the Dallas Cowboys the game.

Up by just 3 points and driving, Tony Romo (19/30, 309 yards, 4 touchdowns, 1 INT) threw a hard pass into the chest of Owens, who appeared to make one of the easiest catches all year. But somehow, someway, he juggled the ball and it flew up in the air, and into the hands of Al Harris for an interception. It was Owens' second drop of the game, and although I was away from my favorite Cowboys forum to see the fans' reactions, I heard the din of a collective jaw drop.

How can such a star receiver drop so many passes, especially ones that seem so easy to catch? Owens seems to make the catches we don't expect receivers to make. But when it's thrown perfectly to him, he drops or juggles it. That's why it's hard to attack him so much, because he does make those great catches. And he also gets 156 yards on 7 catches.

But tonight really upset a lot of Cowboys fans. Once up by 17 points, the Cowboys floundered the lead, and by the fourth quarter the team was only up by a field goal. Thank you Nick Folk.

DeMarcus Ware really came through with a key sack in the fourth quarter after the Owens' error, which gave the ball back to the Cowboys. The game was over after that, despite the good play from back-up quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

I go to bed tonight very happy, despite the Owens bull shit. We beat a good team tonight, although I expect and am fully prepared for Packers fans and anti-Cowboy fans to talk crap about how we played a team with Brett Favre injured before half time and their second-best corner out with an injury. Whatever. In one ear and out the other. We would have won if Tom Brady was guiding that team. It was domination from the get-go in my opinion.

That game was telling for me. And I am now going to say on the record that the cheating New England Patriots better watch out. The Dallas Cowboys are looking for you. They are seeking revenge, a rematch, an all-out war. If the Pats think they've got this Super Bowl wrapped up, think again.

We're not playing around anymore, New England. We have our eyes set on you guys. We are bleeding blue and silver. We haven't forgotten. We're coming for you!