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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Biggest Football Upset...EVER

Appalachian State Mountaineers went into Michigan today as huge underdogs. They came out victors in what will most likely go down in history as the biggest college football upset in the history of the game. At least in the past 90 years.

In an exciting back-and-forth game, the former NCAA Division 1-AA team came in prepared for the #5 Wolverines. The Mountaineers won that division's championship two years in a row. They are a solid team.

Michigan was outplayed for most of the game and if it weren't for a few mental mistakes, ASU could have walked out of Michigan with a double-digit win. They were up 28-14.

Several former Dallas Cowboys are grads of ASU. Dexter Coakley is one.

Congrats to the Mountaineers. I am sure this takes the #5 Wolverines out of the top 25, but will it catapult the underdogs to its first national ranking? I think it should.

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