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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Giants vs. Dallas

Second Quarter ends:

The bad tackling, no pash rush and poor secondary continued on Giants first possession in the second quarter. On a 3rd and 7 we had great pressure finally and Manning tossed it, but it was luckily dropped. Would have gone for first maybe.

On the punt return, Crayton had some room but he was slow to hit the hole.

A nice short pass to Barber goes for 29 yards. Barber looks great. Romo is throwing under 50 percent right now after a duck throw away. Again, a nice pass to Witten who is stopped short by a few feet for the first. On the first 4th and feet for new coach Wade Phillips, he goes for it. The result: BArber tries middle and then turns right, and WOW!!!! He breaks several tackles on the outside and scores airborne!!!! WOW!!!! Marion Barber III is a beast.

Dallas up 10-6.

Nose Tackle Jason Ferguson injured his elbow and is out of the game. This hurts. Dallas is facing a lot of injuries early on.

On a Third and 7, Jacque Reeves gets an INTERCEPTION. No. 35, Reeves, just jumped in front of a falling Burress and takes the ball. Poor Eli!!!

After the turnover, we slowly moved closer to the end zone until penalties and we're left with a 3rd and goal from the 15. Why we have Julius Jones in after what Marion Barber did is beyond me.

T.O. is still without a catch. In fact, Romo hasn't even thrown to him.

Witten up the middle and BAM!!! TOUCHDOWN!!! Witten is having a MONSTER game.

With 3:59 left in the 2nd Quarter, Dallas leads 17-6.

Quarter 1 ends with Giants up 6-3

Dallas fell behind early 6-0 on a Manning to Burress bomb of over 60 yards. Secondary looked awful on the play. No pass rush at all early in the game.

Dallas gets the ball and drives to Giants territory on its first possession. Questionable and very conservative play calling after a nice screen play results in just a field goal, kicked by our rookie kicker Nick Folk.

On Giants second possession, we got lucky. Another Manning to Burress bomb led Burress just barely out of bounds. Giants went for it on 4th and 2 and we nearly intercepted the short pass.

On our second possession, Romo did this unusual twirl pass that was nearly intercepted. I have no idea what that was. on 3rd and 7 another clutch throw to Witten. Romo overthrows a bomb and Flozell Adams held anyway. Romo nicely escaped the rush. Another penalty, this on Leonard David and we're 1st and 25.
Oh god....bad snap again almost goes over Romo's head. Third time. Romo recovers well and gains a few yards. Romo can't make the pass. 4th and 17 and time to punt.

The defense just looks awful right now and this is a huge disappointment. Early still, but there's just no pash rush. We have Giants deep in their territory. Let's see what we can do here.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Buress. Wow!

Not David Derush said...

What? Thank you golden gophers for Marion!!!!

iheartto said...

Dude, the Giants have 6 points.

Other than that, keep up the good work here.

Not David Derush said...

Sorry about the score error. It's fixed. So far a disappointment other than Witten...