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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 3 predictions and a milestone reached

I was tempted not to use this post to make predictions, instead using it to make some in-depth, widely acclaimed piece on the Cowboys, but I just don't have it in me this morning. I'm on my vacation. But, this is my 100th blog post, and that's something to cheer about.

Now on to the predictions:

Arizona vs Baltimore
Arizona is an improved football team but not that improved. It's a wonder to me how with Edgerrin James and a receiver corps the likes of Fitzgerald and Boldin and QB Matt Leinhart that this Cardinals haven't convinced anyone they're a powerhouse. It's because they're not--yet. Meanwhile, the Ravens have just looked horrible, partially because they are trying to win with an old, crippled quarterback. So far, McGahee has been a wash for the Ravens, and if he can't pick it up expect a pretty awful season for the birds this year.
Cardinals 23 Ravens 13

San Diego vs Green Bay
isten, don't jump on the GB bandwaggon just yet. I'm not a believer right now. Just too lucky. San Diego on the other hand has probably surprised every fan out there with their slow start. LT has been a non-factor, at least when rushing yards have a lot to do with winning. He'll pick it up today. And Brett Favre will throw 3 INTs to help his team lose this one.
San Diego 24 Green Bay 17

St. Louis vs Tampa Bay
The Rams...oh the Rams. Their defense is awful and in the off season, they did very little to improve it by picking up a halftime starter from the Lions. Yikes. And if the Rams offense isn't grinding it out then it is a recipe for disaster. Tampa Bay isn't much better but they looked great last week and could surprise all of us with a decent season this year. Doubt it. Watch the Rams rebound today in a big way.
Rams 35 TB 30

San Fran vs Pittsburgh
To me, this game is a toss up because I cannot figure out how either team will eventually end up this year. On paper, I want to point to San Fran and say they are better, but I can't. Big Ben started this season a lot better than last year. And San Fran has looked mediocre, still unsure if Alex Smith is 'the one.' I don't think he is.
Pittsburgh 24 San Fran 10

Detroit vs Philly
Detroit is inspired by no other than John Kitna. He's like their force and he'll win some games for them, like today. See, the Eagles just don't have a team. And I fully expect McNabb to whine all year and be traded by the end of the year. The Ravens could use another old quarterback. The Lions are for real in my opinion because they can strike like a good team strikes. When I say "for real" I mean they won't finish below .500 again.
Detroit 27 Philly 20

Miami vs NY Jets
No one should win this game. It may be a tie. Both stink, and the odor is bad. Miami, as we all know, got it handed to them last week. And the Jets looked just as bad. But I still believe the Jets are a better team here, only slightly. The score should show this.
Jets 13 Miami 10

Buffalo vs New England
Gosh I wish the Bills could win this, but they can't. The Patriots by far have looked like the toughest team in the NFL, but nothing is permanent and a lot can change over the next 14 weeks. But not today. Tom Brady is going to have a real good game again, as will Randy Moss, who is playing like a Pro Bowler.
New England 38 Buffalo 14

Minnesota vs Kansas City
Minnesota is starting Kelly Holcomb at QB, as if this is going to help at all. I mean come on, what are they thinking? Funny thing is, they could start me at QB and win this game. The Chiefs are probably the WORST team in the NFL. But the Vikings will show today that the Chiefs can play ball and compete. If you're a fan of either of these teams, expect to be bored...and disgusted.
Vikings 21 Chiefs 17

Colts vs Houston
I told you all Houston is for real. But so are the Colts. The Colts almost blew it against the Titans last week. And Houston is actually a better ball team this year. Can they do it? Let me say this: If the Texans do win today, consider them a true contender finally and an NFL powerhouse team. If the Colts slide by again, we may end up seeing them in the Super Bowl again. But Andre Johnson is a game-time decision. He's awesome. If he doesn't play, who the hell will Schaub pass to? No clue. But the Colts are healthy and they'll barely win this one.
Colts 31 Houston 30

Cincinnati vs Seahawks
The Seahawk era is officially over. And the Bengals can't seem to get their new era off the ground. I am confident the Bengals win this one, but I am not confident to say by how much. So, I will go out on a whim and say Chad Johnson has 3 TDs.
Bengals 21 Seahawks 10

Cleveland vs Oakland
Wow, Cleveland looked great last week. And the Raiders can't seem to pull one out. Expect another squeaker for the Raiders, but they'll pull this one out at home in the worst NFL stadium.
Oakland 21 Cleveland 19

Jaguars vs. Denver
Denver is just getting bye and that's scary for any fan. Travis Henry has looked good for Denver but the RB duo in Jacksonville hasn't done much, which is why this team is struggling. You can't reply on David Garrard to win the games for the Jags. I think you can rely on Jay Cutler though. Denver 23 Jags 13

NYGiants vs Deadskins
Yuck. Watching this game will be like watching the World Knitting Championships. Neither team has a real offense, but the Deadskins do have a better defense. Still though, the Giants can win this game. And they will. Jason Campbell is going to throw a few INTs to lose this game for the Deadskins. Clinton Portis will break a leg.
Giants 9 Deadskins 7

Carolina vs Atlanta
Carolina is going to rebound after a tough loss to the Texans last week. Atlanta went out and grabbed Byron Leftwich to eventually replace Joey Harrington, who probably couldn't start on the Oregon Ducks right now. I like Jake D. to have a big game and Steve Smith to do all the catching.
Carolina 28 Atlanta 10

Dallas vs Chicago
The night game ought to be a doozy. And I am going to change my prediction. I think Barber and Jones will have a great game and the Dallas offense will just overpower the Bears defense with a mixture of pass-run plays, confusing them to all hell. Will we score 45 points? No. But we will score the most points on the Bears this year, and we'll also intercept Rex GROSSman a few times to to win it.
Dallas 29 Bears 17

Tennessee vs New Orleans, Monday night
I predicted New Orleans would be a dump team this year. No matter how awesome they looked, something just didn't seem right with that team. The Titans, however, are coming back again, fresh with a new QB who isn't disappointing anyone. New Orleans has to win one and I do think this is the week. Expect Reggie Bush to get a few screen plays for long runs.
NO 24 Titans 21

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