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Thursday, September 27, 2007

News Alert: Rams fans think they have a chance

I love glancing at opposing teams' blogs to read what the fans are saying before and after a match-up against Dallas. The Miami fans were especially funny after the loss.

But these Rams fans, all seven of them in the world, actually think they have a chance to win this game Sunday. How exactly do they think they can win?
Hail Mary. Yes. Hail Mary. Throw the bomb to Tory Holt or Isaac "I guarantee a win" Bruce. Or to one of their four tight ends. And do it all game. Forget the fact that Marc Bulger has two broken ribs and DeMarcus Ware may break three more.

This game plan sounds good to the Rams fans because they saw the Giants game in Week 1. Now, keep in mind that the Giants game was Wade Phillip's first game as head coach of the Cowboys. It was Jason Garrett's first game as offensive coordinator. It was Brian Stewart's first game as a defensive coordinator. To say the Cowboys may come out of the shoot a little rusty wouldn't shock most fans.

But what all the naysayers fail to see is how the Dallas Cowboys have improved each week. In Miami, they manhandled the Dolphins in the second half. In Chicago, they creamed the Bears. It wasn't even close. They place a lot of blame on Wrecks Grossman, but it's misplaced. Where was that Pro Bowl, Super Bowl defense? And where was their hardcore, hard hitting running back to pull some of the pressure of Wrecks? We destroyed the defending Super Bowl NFC team.

So, when the Rams come to Dallas this Sunday, I hope the Rams fans and the rest of the world takes a real hard look at this Dallas Cowboy team. Only one time did we start the season 3-0 and finish like a turtle, and that was in 1999.

So, to quote the famous, or possibly infamous, Dennis Green: The Dallas Cowboys "are who we thought they were!"

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