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Friday, September 7, 2007

Should Cowboys look for WR?

Terry Glenn will not be playing Sunday night against rival Giants. This is problematic for the Cowboys. Even though I have full faith in Patrick Crayton, others do not. There's suspicion that Glenn won't play at all this year, and this would be a serious shock to the Cowboys Offense.

With that said, several Cowboys fans are wondering whom the team will pick up in the free agency market. Reche Caldwell, Chris Chambers, former Cowboy Antonio Bryant, Rod Gardner, Quincy Morgan, Azhir Hakim and Kenan McCardell are some of the names tossed out as possible replacements for Glenn. I am not even sure why we should jinx ourselves, but since we are, I'd personally like to see either Chris Chambers or Hakim. Maybe McCardell. Chambers is probably the best of the bunch.

Coupled with the cornerback problems, Dallas is starting the season with some question marks. And Game 1 will be a true test for the Cowboys, showing how the team can play with injuries. Let's not forget Greg Ellis and a rookie starting in his place.

I stand by my prediction that Dallas wins. I think the Giants will suffer this year from the anti-coach rhetoric coming from some of the current and former players. That ruins a team in my opinion. Publish Post

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