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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fourth Quarter

The final minutes of the game.....

I walk away to get my dinner and Green throws a lob pass to Hagan for a TD. Did the secondary give up for that series? What bothers me about this play is the receivers were covered. The corners and safeties just didn't stay with the receivers and Hagan got open as Roy Williams drifted away. Dallas 30 Miami 20 with 3:26 left.
Dallas barely gets the onside kick back and it's time to run the clock out with Marion Barber. WOW, did I get that right!! Marion Barber scored on a 40 yard touchdown for his second of the night and the longest TD run in his career. Dallas 37 Miami 20

Dallas gets the back and gives it to JJ for for yards. Ugh. A quick pass to Hurd didn't work and was scary looking. On 3rd and 6 Barber gets about a yard. On 4th and 4 Dallas can either go for it or give Folk a 51 yard field goal chance. I say give the field goal a chance. Dallas goes for it and TOUCHDOWN to T.O.!!! What a call by offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. Dallas leads 30-13.

Miami second series and on the second place
Anthony Henry picks off his second pass of the game!!! Henry beats Chambers to the ball and jumps right in front of it, falling to the ground. Great play.

Dallas gets the ball back and it's time to put this game away:
JJ gets tackled behind the line, again. On 1st and 22 Jones gets it again for a yard. On 2nd and 20 Romo runs for 18 yards with no one near him. He could have possibly gotten the first down but he went down to be safe. On 3rd and 3 JJ gets the ball again and DAMN IT he is tripped up for a 2 yard gain. He brings it inside when the outside was wide open. Horrible. Punt.

Miami's first fourth quarter series:
On 1st and 15, Green is almost intercepted by Henry. On 2nd and 15 Green passes to Chambers for 7 yards. On 3rd and 8 Roy Williams brings down Jesse Chatman on a nice arm tackle, saving a first down run. Miami punts.

Dallas starts the fourth quarter
with the ball. On 1st and 10 Romo runs it for 8 yards after a play action play. On 2nd and 2 Barber gets four yards on a second effort run. On 1st and 10 Flozell Adams gets his second false start. On First and 15 Barber runs for 10 on the left side. On 2nd and 5 Barber gets pummeled by Renaldo Harris for no gain, or maybe Barber pummeled him after I watched the replay. On 3rd and 5 Romo throws to Sam Hurd for a first down but an offensive pass interference and holding calls brings it back. On 3rd and 15 another false start, this time on Marc Columbo. On 3rd and 20 Romo throws out of bounds after getting hit at the knees. Nick Folk for 47 yards is good!! That's his longest field goal of the season. Dallas leads 23-13.

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