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Sunday, September 16, 2007

"It's not discouraging. There's a difference."

Atlanta Falcons QB Joey Harrington has made some interesting comments during post-season press conferences so far this season. Somehow, this guy has become the leader of this woeful team. Don't ask me how. But tonight's press conference just made me laugh.

I feel a bit bad for him. The guy has been sacked 13 times in two games and seven times today. Ouch. "It happens," he says. "It's not discouraging. There's a difference. It's not discouraging. It's frustrating."

Poor guy.
"We know we can move the ball. We've shown that. Now it's a matter of finishing off some of those drives."

The press continued to hound him on the team's performance. What ticks me off is no one should be surprised this team stinks after the Vick fiasco.

"We've got to play better," Harrington says.

What's happening to Harrington right now reminds me of the hard times with the Cowboys. It was hard to watch the change of quarterbacks and the losses. I am lucky enough to have been able to see Dallas during one of their most powerful and best eras. I'm not ready to say Dallas wins the NFC, but I am feeling pretty good going into Week 3 against the Bears.

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