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Sunday, September 30, 2007

First Quarter Notes 0-0 score: Henry injured? Romo thows third INT for season

"And he goes nowhere."
That was the case for Julius Jones and his two carries for the Cowboys' first series. Two rushes in a row for 1 yard. Pathetic. He's is not waiting for any blocks to develop and he's being tackled too easily.

On the Rams first offensive series, a 3rd down and 6 conversion reaped no reward after a D-Ware sack left the Rams with 3rd and 19. A punt returns the ball to Dallas.

On the Cowboys second series, T.O. got his first catch, after a bomb sailed out of bounds. Julius Jones gets another 2-yard run. On 2nd and 8, Romo is sacked on a blitz. Now it's 3rd down and 16. A pass to T.O. was too high but nearly caught. Personally, T.O. should have caught that pass. Punt.

On the Rams second series, they ran the ball well. But the drive fizzled on another D-Ware tackle on a backside pursuit. Rams ran the ball on a 3rd and long, which made absolutely zero sense. Rams fans moan about the horrible playcalling, and that was one.

Cowboys third series was uneventful and an overturned T.O. catch on 3rd down killed the drive.

On the Rams third series, Anthony Henry sustained some sort of right leg injury. But the Rams go nowhere and punt.

Terence Newman makes a big mistake on the punt and leaves Dallas to start on its first yard line. Barber gets the ball and almost breaks it, and runs for 7 yards.

On the final play of the first quarter, Romo throws his third INT of the year. Rams run it back in deep into Dallas territory.

Score: 0-0

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