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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Third Quarter

Greg Ellis gets his first sack of the year in his first game back from a season-ending injury last year, and the Dallas D starts the second half upbeat. Let's see how the offense does.

On the first series of the second half, Patrick Crayton scored on a 59-yard touchdown run. Wow. Horrible coverage defense left a wide open field for Crayton after the catch and a missed tackle. Good to see Crayton come back after that dropped TD pass last week. 21-7 Dallas

Rams get the ball back and do nothing. Rams Head Coach Linehan is a bonehead. He calls for a replay on an obvious no catch. I have a good friend who is a Rams fan and he complains all the time about the pitiful play calling and that Linehan does crap like this every game. This guy should be canned, now.

Dallas gets the ball again Crayton quickly scored another touchdown!!! I knew I should have started him!!!! Damn! The pass was perfect and Dallas leads 28-7.

Well, it becomes apparent that the Rams are awful, have poor coaching and no leaders. Why they keep Bulger in this game the way he is ailing is beyond me. So, with the Rams driving, Bulger thows a horrible pass and Hamlin has his easiest INT ever. I am going to stop with the updates and come back after the game is over.

Patrick Crayton is having a career day with 174 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Dallas leads 28-7 and driving.....

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