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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tonight's loss was secondary, literally

Dallas Coach Wade Phillips only played six starters tonight against the Vikings it what ended in a 23-14 loss. The day (and oftentimes night) job took me away from watching the game, but I did catch some highlights.

The Cowboys failed to score in the second half with the second, third and fourth stringers. No big deal there. WR Jerheme Urban scored on a 95 yard punt return. He also fumbled a catch in Dallas territory, setting up the Vikings for a game-tying touchdown.

In fact, Dallas had five turnovers, and one interception. The Vikings turned those turnovers into 17 points, winning the game.

Back-up QB Matt Moore had decent pass completion numbers, with one touchdown, but he fumbled twice.

Phillips played the second-fourth stringers as a final stage of paring down the roster. Cuts will be made shortly.

There isn't a whole lot of action on the other Cowboys blogs today regarding the game. It's tough to be excited about watching non-starters play.

But sooner than later, it will be the evening of Sept. 9 when we play the Giants. By then, I will be overwhelmed with excitement.

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