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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 5 picks

Miami vs. Houston
The winless Dolphins head over to Texas to play a much-improved Texans team. However, we found out last week how important WR Andre Johnson is to the Texans. He scores touchdowns. Texans will play again without its starting running back, starting center and three of its best wideouts in 100 percent healthy form. That means another struggle for them, and the Dolphins are hungry for a win. Schaub may throw for 300 yards, but no one can get it into the endzone. Miami 24 Texans 21

Jags vs. Chiefs
I never expected the Chiefs to be 2-2 right now. And this is without a hot Larry Johnson who hasn't been able to throw his running game into overdrive. The Jags have a similar problem, with both their backs lackluster in the first four weeks. No touchdowns for any of them. Rookie Dwayne Bowe looks great, so expect him to have a good game. In fact, this rookie is better than any receiver currently on the Jags roster. So, does this mean a Chiefs upset? I will say yes. Jags 17 Chiefs 23

Browns vs. Patriots
The Browns are worst in the league in defensive yards per game. They give up more than 400 yards a game. And in comes the second best offense in the league. It's a recipe for disaster for the Dawg Pound. My jaw would drop if the Pats lost this game. I don't think they'll need to cheat for this one. Pats 38 Browns 17

Carolina vs Saints
What in the world happened to the Saints? It's unbelievable to see how bad they actually are this year, because last year they had great plays and the players were unstoppable. New year. New team, I guess. Meanwhile, David Carr looked like the draft-day flop we know him as during his first start for the Panthers. The question in this game is whether Reggie Bush can penetrate that Panthers front line. If he can, the Saints can pull this one out, even with an awful-lookingBreese. I think the Saints win, Saints 21 Panthers 14

Jets vs Giants
A buddy of mine who always comes up with fruitless trip ideas suggested we drive to this game, about 4.5 hours away. I would have but he always does this. If I did go, I'd be rooting for the J-J-Jets!! Neither team is healthy, but the ankle injury to Burress might be the most pressing problem. BUT, the Giants are persevering. Tough call, and although I want to say the Jets, I think the Giants pull this one out. Giants 23 Jets 17

Seattle vs Pittsburgh
The Steelers loss to the Cardinals last week showed this team isn't invincible. They may not even be a top-10 team in the NFL. Seattle, however, is surprising people. A team thought to be over the hill seems to still be climbing the mountain. Hasselbeck already has over 1,000 yards passing and 7 touchdowns. Even with Willie Parker's impressive start, I see the Seahawks pulling this one out. They have to if they want to be considered one of the better teams in the NFL. 'Hawks 27 Steelers 14

Arizona vs. Rams
The Rams are awful. Arizona is surrounded with great players but for some reason they just can't seem to hit a winning streak. Here's their chance. I'd say no if they weren't playing the Rams, who might just be the worst team in football. Larry Fitzgerald is going to kill these guys. Cardinals 35 Rams 7

Detroit vs Deadskins
That Jon Kitna isn't too bad, is he? I love it how the Deadskins fans think Jason Campbell is the real deal. He's about as real as the processed cheese slice I just ate. The Lions can win this game only if they get a running game going to offset Kitna's arm and cadre of receivers. The Deadskins can win this game if they hire a new coach, rebuild, and find a new quarterback. I love being a jerk when it comes to the Deadskins. Lions 34 Deadskins 27

Falcons vs Titans
The Falcons got their first win of the season last week, beating an injury-riddled Texans team. Chris Brown is getting nearly 6 yards a carry so I have no idea why the Titans don't give him the ball more. Vince Young is a real deal and if Brown can get the ball more and run over 100 yards, the Titans should cruise to a win. Joey Harrington may throw well again today, but who will score? Titans 30 Falcons 7

Bucs vs Colts
Who ever would have thought the Bucs would be 3-1? I mean seriously. The Loss of Cadillac Williams really hurt the Bucs. Pittman scares no one. So expect a bunch of bombs to Joey Galloway, and I think the Colts can handle that. Just too much offense and the Colts will overpower the Bucs. Colts 38 Bucs 17

Chargers vs Broncos
The Chargers are shocking everyone. This game usually would have been a prime time game. But neither team has shown much excitement or a will to win. No matter how many people believe in Norv Turner, the Chargers coaching change will still come down as one of the dumbest moves in NFL history. Sure, the Chargers play calling in the playoffs last year was disgusting, but why the Chargers waited so long to hire a coach is beyond me. Broncos...over the hill. This is a toss up, but I think the Chargers finally pull one out. Chargers 21 Broncos 17

Ravens vs 49ers
The Ravens aren't doing that well because they have a very old quarterback and Ed Reed isn't intercepting all those passes. The 49ers have shown that it will take a lot more to improve on their 7-9 season from last year. They look like a 6-10 team this year. This game comes down to Gore vs McGahee. Scales right now tip to McGahee. Ravens 14 49ers 7

Bears vs Packers
I would love to see the Bears pull this one out. It would give Dallas another flow of confidence. The Bears are hurting though. No quarterback, no receivers, and the defense is injured. The Packers are healthy and look great. Brett Favre is amazing. Packers 27 Bears 7

Monday night: Dallas vs Buffalo
I am not sure how Buffalo was chosen for a Monday night game, but that's fine. This game is intriguing, maybe just because I am from the Buffalo area. Dallas has the top offense in the league. The key match ups here will be T.O. and Crayton vs Bills cornerbacks Jabari Green and Terrence McGee. Can Crayton have another impressive game? Yes, he can. And T.O. will catch more than three passes. Dallas has some serious offensive weapons this year, and the defense is improving. The loss of Anthony Henry will hurt, so Buffalo should be able to get in the end zone. But not as much as Dallas. Cowboys 35 Buffalo 21

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