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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Horrible. That simple

One word can describe the Cowboys at halftime of the game against Minnesota: Horrible. We've dominated the game statistically, but thanks to a couple of turnovers, the Vikings lead 14-7 at halftime.

Tony Romo has fumbled the ball. And he's made some mental errors in an otherwise respectable game. Sloppy special teams has really hurt us, but turnovers are killing us. The Vikings defense is reminding me of when the planets aligned in Buffalo, where Dallas pulled off a late, miraculous win. The planets can't align twice in one year so this really mean Dallas needs to wake up.

Once again, I have to criticize Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett's play calling. THROW THE BALL DEEP at least twice a half please!!!! Why can't you have Romo lob a few out there for T.O.?

I'm nowhere near being worried. I am sure Dallas will pull this win out by a 10-point margin, but Dallas needs to play a strong first half game at least once this year. Tony Romo already has thrown 30 times. We seem to be able to run the ball well enough to offset that a little bit with a long touchdown drive. But all Dallas fans need to keep in mind that this is three bad weeks in a row, even if we come out in the second half strong. Buffalo and New England were both bad, bad games for the Dallas Cowboys.


Jason Garrett said...

What do you know about coaching offense, Not David Derush. The Vikings are not allowing the deep route and we are taking what they are giving us, mostly underneath stuff.

Also, your post is contradictory. First you say the stars can't align twice, suggesting that the 'Boys are in trouble and don't have another miracle in them today. Then you state you're not worried at all. Which is it, Not David Derush.

Now I gotta get back and prepare the troops.

Not David Derush said...

There is no contradiction at all. The planets won't align twice and that translates into a Dallas win. Stop trolling my site.

Adrian Peterson said...

I'm coming. Get ready. I'm All Day, and I'm ready to play!

Not David Derush said...

Hopefully you will shut up now

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