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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Third Quarter continued

The Pats get the ball back after losing the lead and on the return there was a block in the back for a 10 yard penalty on the Pats. This backs the Patriots to their 23 yard line. On 1st and 10 Moss catches it for 15 yards and a first down, but a nice quick hit from Williams stops Moss in his tracks. On 1st and 10 Faulk runs for 8 damn yards. On 2nd and 2 a deep pass to Moss is well covered and incomplete. On 3rd and 2 there is no pressure and Welker runs for 10 yards, putting Welker over 100 yards for his first time. On 1st and 10 no gain for Faulk. On 2nd and 10 another short pass to Welker goes for 5 (War eis chop blocked). On 3rd and 5 Brady is pressured but connects with Gafney for 11 yards. On 1st and 10 another screen dump to Stallworth goes for 10 yards. Newman was playing 10 yards of him. On 1st and 10 this little dump off to Moss is quickly stopped by Newman for a 3 yard gain. On 2nd and 7 on the Dallas 23, the pass to Moss is incomplete but there is a penalty on the double coverage for pass interference. Not good. On the replay, it seems like the play was correct. On 1st and Goal Brady connects with Kyle Brady for a Touchdown. Pats take back the lead 28-24.

Dallas gets the ball back....
On 1st and 10 it's another holding penalty on Dallas, good ol' Flozell Adams. On 2nd and 10 deep in D territory, and MB3 has an amazing run that avoid a safety. He broke 6 tackles for the 2 yard run, four in the endzone. Amazing play. On 2nd and 13 Romo has all day but throws behind Witten. Now it is 3rd and long and Romo had all day to lob an incomplete pass to Witten. Dallas punts for the firs time in awhile.

Pats get the ball back...
Pats get the ball in Dallas territory and on 1st and 10 it's a bomb to Moss and he catches it. Refs call it a touchdown but it sure didn't look like he got both feet in. They also call a roughing the passer play. On the replay, it doesn't look like Moss has possession of the ball. The call: INCOMPLETE! WOOO that was close. But the penalty is still against us. On 1st and 10 on the Dallas 28 yard line and Ware shuts down Faulk for a yard loss. On 2nd and 11 a quick pass to Welker after a blitz is dropped. It's 3rd and 11 and the Dallas D holds up by tackling Faulk quickly on a 2 yard pass. Pats kick a 45 yard field goal to pad their lead 31-24.

Dallas gets the ball back...
On 1srt and 10 MB3 runs another passionate run for 11 yards. On 1st and 10 Barber gets just a yard. On 2nd and 9 Romo gets it to Owens but there'sa flag, illegal shit on the damn Cowboys. It's 2nd and 14 and Romo throws it away after pressure. On 3rd and 14 Owens catches it but he's two yards short of a first down. Dallas were going to line up quick to go for it but the quarter ends with Pats leading 31-24.

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