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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Duel in Dallas FIRST QUARTER

Well, we missed the first 7 minutes of the game, which apparently was a 3 and out for Dallas and now a Patriots drive inside the 10.

New England has first and goal at the 6. On 3rd and Goal, Brady throws to a wide open Randy Moss for a touchdown. Too much movement for the Dallas Defense who I don't think was sure on what they were doing. Moss was WIIIIIDEEEE OPEN.

Dallas gets the ball backed and is getting throttled. JJ was stuffed for a yard loss and T.O. dropped another ball. Then Romo was sacked by Rodney Harrison. Not good. More slow starts. This may be one of those games I don't want to blog. We can't have a slow start against the Pats.

Pats second series
From the Cowboys 43, a quick pass gets 5. Now it is 2nd and 8 and Brady is sacked by DeMarcus Ware. Then, a screen pass is broken up by Ware again. Two great plays by Ware save the Cowboys from going down by even more.

Cowboys third series
On the Cowboys third series, after two 3 and outs, and Barber comes in for a 3 yard run. On second down, Romo throws a bad pass to the sidelines. On 3rd down, Crayton drops a pass. ANOTHER 3 and out for the Cowboys and we're kicking out three yards out of the endzone.

Patriots third series
Morrins runs for three yards. And when it looked like we were going to hold them again, Brady throws a 29 yard pass to Ben Watson. On a 3rd and 7 Welker was wide open in the middle for a touchdown. YUCK. Just yuck.

Cowboys fourth series
We've abandoned the run game and a short pass to MB3 goes for seven. 2nd and 3 and MB3 gets 2. 3rd and 1 and MB3 has a passionate hard fought run for a first down and about 8 yards. Dallas gets their first 1st down. Another short pass to MB3 ends the first quarter. It's an ugly one with Pats leading 14-0.

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