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Saturday, October 13, 2007

If it's true, the league needs to hammer down on this

The Dallas vs Buffalo game continues to have twists and turns, even the day before the big matchup against the cheating Patriots.

Apparently, on the second attempt at the 53-yard field goal, the football was replaced with a new, shiny "slick" ball. ESPN reports that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has notified the league and complained about the situation. Jones and head coach Wade Phillips also complained about the slimy time-out the Bills and refs conspired to call as great rookie kicker Nick Folk booted the football.

At least one Cowboys player confirmed Friday that the ball in question was indeed slick, but veteran holder Brad Johnson and Folk were able to fight through the situation.
"The spirit of the rule is to always have a conditioned ball rather than a slick ball," Jones said Friday. "...That second ball was pretty slick."
I had this awkward feeling during this entire game that the refs were making calls heavily against us. They were missing calls and coming down harsh on the Cowboys. The ref was standing right next to Bills head coach Dick(head) Jauron and you can see Jauron calling for a time out and the ref pausing even longer before he calls it. The reason this time out was called so late was because of the referee. Jauron actually calls the time out before Folk moved. I thought this was an obvious slight against the Cowboys by that ref. Secondly, if you watch the two-point conversion play with T.O., the corner obviously interfered. His hands are all over T.O. as he leaps in the air, and when the ball hits T.O.'s hands, the corner's hands are already all over T.O.'s chest.

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kickholder said...

I watched the replay again last night. Greer's hands were not only on Owens' chest, but he also grabbed Owens' arms with his back turned to the ball. I couldn't believe that nobody for the Cowboys said anything. I have a feeling that because Owens' dropped so many passes that everyone assumed that he dropped another (that's what I thought).