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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Terrell Owens: See me Sunday

Terrell Owens, who always attracts a horde of press, is taking a different tact to the BIG GAME against the Patriots this Sunday. He tells reporters that because of the hoopla of Sunday's Clash of the 81s he won't answer questions until after Sunday's game. Bring popcorn, Owens says, because it's going to be quite a game.

I love it.

Moss is tied for the NFL lead with seven touchdown catches and has a league-high 551 yards on 34 catches. T.O. has 21 catches for 387 yards and three touchdowns. Moss is getting more opportunities to make plays in the game.

Patriots QB Tom Brady was interviewed today about the game. This is some of what he said:

Q: How much are you looking forward to this matchup of the unbeatens?
It should be a good game. We've been studying hard for the last few days. They present some different challenges and they're a very talented team so we need to play our best. They're good in all facets and anyone who watched that game [on Monday Night] knows that they're never out of it. We've got our work cut out for us so it should be fun.
The last time the Patriots played the Cowboys, the Pats won 12-0 in what was deemed the "Tuna Bowl" because it was Parcells' return to New England after leaving the team behind.

Randy Moss also answered some questions from the press:
JW: It seems that New England is playing in a big game every week. This week all eyes are going to be on Patriots vs. Dallas. How does it feel to be playing in a huge game every week?
RM: “It feels good. You have to love what you’re doing. We like to come to work every day and prepare and hang out with each other. Going into Dallas, we’re just going to practice, prepare and whatever we put out on the field is what we’re going to put out on the field. So hopefully we’ll have a good week of preparation and we’ll see what happens on Sunday.”
Low key, right? No guarantees like the one made by Rams WR Isaac Bruce. No jabbing like the Giants or the Dolphins. It's just a game of two undefeated teams?

Hardly. The amazing win against the Bills, believe it or not, is a wake up call for the Cowboys. They are not invincible against teams playing on high emotions. The Patriots will certainly come into this game ready to play.

The game will likely come down to the two 81s. And I'll have my popcorn ready, T.O., so entertain me.

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