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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Patrick Crayton irks Boston blogger

I enjoy visiting this blog from time to time because of the hot chicks he posts and he'll occasionally hit a funny bone. But today, "El Prez" hit a nerve with me and probably every Dallas fan who comes across his post on Patrick Crayton.

Here's the background. Most of us may already know about Patrick Crayton's brazen comments after the loss to the Patriots. If not, here is a glimpse into Crayton's mind:

I told my coach yesterday, ‘If they make it to Arizona, we will see them again,’ ” Crayton said. “If they make it to Arizona, we will see them again. Seriously, I’m not backing down from that statement. Yesterday, I told my coach that, and I’m saying it now.” Crayton said watching the tape he had a hard time “not throwing something at my TV.” In particular, he was chagrined the Cowboys didn’t better exploit a Patriots defense he considers overrated. “Offensively, they are the real deal,” he told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I’m not going to lie about that. Defensively, I can tell you no, they’re not. They’re not (that good) at all. The only time they stopped us is when we had penalties. If that’s stopping us, it is what it is. Defensively, they are not the real deal.” He also was incensed at the cavalier attitude of the Pats and the idea that “their (expletive) don’t stink,” throwing the Colts in there as well. He didn’t appreciate the Pats celebrating by eating popcorn to mock the pregame words of receiver Terrell Owens or punching in a meaningless touchdown in the closing seconds. “You put that in the memory bank,” Crayton said. “You remember. You have a chance to sit on it, kick a field goal, whatever, and you score a touchdown. . . . You put it in the memory bank and prepare for the next time you face them.”
I personally like what he said. I think he makes some good points and he is motivated to beat them in a rematch. I like to see that in a player. Would it have been better not to say anything at all and let the two teams meet again in 'Zona like we all think is likely to happen? Probably. But I still like what he said.

In comes "El Prez" the blogger who runs I think he goes too far, as he usually does, with his apparent ignorance of football. He also likes to use the noun "dude" a lot. Warning: There is some potty-mouth language here from this genius, bandwagon Pats-Red Sox fan:
Dude, who the fuck is Patrick Crayton? No seriously who is he? As a rule more than .0001% of NFL fans should be able to recognize you before you talk this much shit. Especially after getting your ass whipped inside out by the team that you are talking junk about. It just sets the entire trash talk movement back a 100 years. Talk as much crap as you want before the game, but don’t wait until you get pummeled and the other team is on a plane heading back home to open your trap. That’s as cowardly as it gets. Also I love the part where he is complaining about the Pats fans in Dallas and how it’s total disrespect. Disrespect by who? The Pats fans for rooting for the Pats? Do me a favor and mix in a clue dude.
I think he knows very well whom Patrick Crayton is. So, allow me to make a few statements:
Crayton is right. The Patriots defense isn't really that good. It is overrated. We lost that game largely because of penalties. To insinuate that the Patriots stopped the Dallas offense is completely ludicrous. Penalties certainly were a major factor in stopping the momentum of the Dallas offense. The Pats don't hit hard. They don't hustle to the ball, and they don't even tackle that well. And, they cheat.

I'm not being a sore loser here. The Patriots won this game because they appeared to be better coached and prepared for this game. But their defense didn't win this game. Sure, Tom Brady is incredible, and his offensive line is full of gems, but we competed. And we could have won.

And like Crayton said, we'll see them again in Arizona. I hope "El Prez" put this one in his memory bank.


Anonymous said...

haha your Cowgirls will never make the Super Bowl, let alone win the NFC Least.

Anonymous said...

Let's take the Patriots D out of the equation, if they are supposedly "not as good" as seemed... If the Duel in Dallas turned into an offensive shootout, I would STILL take the Pats over the Cowboys in a hearbeat

Face the loss, and MAYBE you'll see us in Arizona

Not David Derush said...

I am and have faced the loss. And your defense sucks.

Anonymous said...

Has Crayton ever heard of the Wright Brothers? Shithead.

Do y'all know that Frankie's had it's best night ever Saturday? Better than any UT/OU game? Because 10-15,000 fans traveled there for the game. Great hosts by the way.

Anonymous said...

Since we're talking about removing parts of the game, lets take away Brady's fumble, because that hasn't happened this year, and lets take out Samuel and Hobbs colliding at the three when Owens waltzed in on an all-out blitz. That's 14 points right there, and you still lose.

Stop removing portions of the game, it doesn't work like that.

Not to mention, if your team wasn't holding, Romo might have ended up on his face a lot more than he did.

Hypotheticals are for dumb fans who don't want to accept fact.

Anonymous said...

so, if our 'D' is bad, and we doubled your score... doesn't that make your offense suck?

Not David Derush said...

where'd all you scumbags come from? I see from barstoolsports. Great. A bunch of bandwagon grubs.

Anonymous said...

‘If they make it to Arizona, we will see them again,’

Was Crayton planning on purchasing tickets to the big game or is he going to a golf tournament.

What a big mouth. Enjoy the off-season, jackass.

cape said...

you look like an ass talking smack AFTER a game and you look like an idiot if you talk smack and cant back it up (PS. crayton didnt look all-world to me yesterday either)