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Sunday, October 14, 2007

At Halftime, Dallas down 21-17

Dallas still has the ball and on 2nd and 5 MB3 gets it again and runs for 4. A flag is thrown on Warren for unecessary roughness. 1st and 10 and Romo passes to Owens for 13 yard. 1st and 10 and Dallas smartly runs a no huddle; MB3 runs for 6. 2nd and 4 and Barber gets it AGAIN for 3 yards. But, there's a flag and it's offensive holding. Not it's 2nd and 14 and Romo throws to Crayton for 11. Crayton was certainly holding on to that ball loosely. On 3rd and 3, Crayton falls down and the pass is no good. Nick Folk comes in for a 38 yard field goal, and it's perfect. At least we score. Score is 14-3 New England.

Patriots get the ball back and on 1st and 10 a quick pass to Gafney for 6. 2nd and 4 and Morris is stuffed for a yard gain. On 3rd and 3 Spencer jumped offsides and we hand them a first down. 1st and 10 and the Pats try a flea flicker for Moss deep. The play wasn't even close, but Moss had Newman beat. On 2nd and 10, Greg Ellis forces a fumble on a sack and Jason Hatcher picks it up and runs it BACK FOR A TOUCHDOWN!!! The Dallas D comes through and makes this a GAME!! Dallas still down 14-10.

And the Patstrris broke a tackle and it seems like he stilled didn't make it. The official call: 4th down. The Patriots go for it and Brady finds a seam for a first down on a sneak. On 1st and 10 from the Dallas 13, Welker is wide open for another touchdown. The ref actually was used to screen coverage a bit on this play. A long drive by the Pats puts them ahead 21-10.

Dallas gets the ball and...
Romo finds Fasano wide open for 26 yards. On 1st and 10 it's a nice dump pass to JJ but it's brought back on an offensive pass interference call. And now it's 1st and 20. Owens catches his second pass of the game for 9 yards. On 2nd and 11 there is another penalty, false start. On 2nd and 16 Witten catches it for an 11 yard gain. On 3rd and 5 Witten catches it again deep for 25 yards. We're in scoring position now. On 1st and 10 Witten catches it again for 11 yards, and the Cowboys are driving. Romo is looking great on these throws. On 1st and 10 with 59 seconds left, there's a flag: false start AGAIN and it costs them 10 seconds. On 1st and 15 on the Pats 23 yard line Crayton was wide open for about 10 yards. On 2nd and 5 TO catches it for a first and goal on the Pats 4 yard line. The refs are going to review the play with 34 seconds left to see if T.O. had both feet down. The call: incomplete. T.O. was obviously pushed out of bounds, but since the refs didn't say he was pushed out, they couldn't come back and make the call. So on 3rd and 5 with 51 seconds left now AND YES Owens catches it after a massive Blitz from the Patriots. Romo was amazing on this drive, going 7 for 8. Five people were coming after Romo and he still saw T.O. wide open. Dallas still down but close 21-17!

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