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Monday, October 8, 2007

Unbelievable!!!!! Dallas Wins 25-24!!

It might have been one of the greatest games ever on Monday night. Dallas, favored by a lot, came in with too much on their minds. Probably none of it had to do with their opponents, the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills came prepared. The defense swarmed on the ball. The Bills intercepted Tony Romo five times, nearly six times. It looked as if Dallas was going to lose their first game of the year. Monday just wasn't going to be their night.

But they never gave up. The Dallas D played a strong game, too. They held the Bills to ZERO offensive touchdowns. Two defensive scores, a field goal and a kick-off return for a TD is all the scoring for the Bills.

How ironic that on a night that seemed to have all the planets aligned in Buffalo and the magic in high-time, Dallas got lucky too.

After a depressing drop from T.O. on a two-point conversion that would have tied the game, we kicked an onside kick and got it back. Thank you Sam Hurd.

Then, with 20 seconds left, we needed to get at least 15 yards to have a chance to win this. Even after T.O. dropped another pass that would have provided a closer field goal, Dallas offensive coordinator and Princeton grad Jason Garrett might have called the two most brilliant plays all year. Two short passes later and Nick Folk was facing a 53 yard field goal.

He kicks it. IT's GOOD!!!! But wait!!!!! The Bills called a time out (by the way, the NFL really needs to change that rule because it does nothing for the game. It's more of a cheap shot) and Folk had to do it all over again. The rookie wasn't distrait. The ball was snapped again and Folk knocked it through for the second time, resulting in an amazing win for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys were never vapid in this game. They showed a winning spirit, and a drive to win. An intrepid team that faced scrutiny all night, Dallas came out on top.

Now, it's time to think about the Patriots. Are we ready? Are we pumped up?


kickholder said...

Amazing game. The Giants game in 2003, the Seahawks game in 2004, and the Eagles game in 2005 were close, but this one was the best in a long time.

Anonymous said...

The NFL can not and will not change the time out rule, Not David Derush. What should they do, mandate that a team must call a time out exactly 5 seconds before the snap? Or how about 10? No. That's insane.

But what will happen is this: Some week down the line, some coach will pulll the same maneuver. But this time the kicker will miss the first attempt. But after the timeout, he'll nail it. That will be the end of these shenanigans. This will self-correct and doesn't need a rule change.

Anonymous said...

I think they could change it to say if the ref hasn't stopped the action before the ball is kicked then the kick counts, regardless of the outcome.

Not David Derush said...

I don't think it is insane to change the rule. It's slimey for coaches to do it and it's mindless strategy. The Bills coach had the ref right by his side and the ref even took his sweet time to call the time out, almost jabbing at the cowboys. I saw it.
This is an unfair advantage in the rules book that could easily be changed. A time out cannot be called as the kicker is in motion to kick it.