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Monday, October 8, 2007

First Quarter

On Buffalo's first series, the defense looked pretty good. A fake punt got Buffalo a first down, but the defense regrouped and it was 3 and out for the Bills after that surprise punt fake. The punter did it again with a kick that gives Dallas its first series for the 2 yard line.

On Dallas' first series, two crappy runs from JJ for a one yard loss led to an interception from Romo, returned for a touchdown. The pass was much too high for an open Jason Witten. A horrible start to the game for the Cowboys.

Dallas gets the ball back and after a nice run from JJ, Romo throws another interception. Oh man.

Bills get the ball back and on 4th and 1 the defense stays strong and holds them. The defensive line dominated the line of scrimmage and Dallas gets the ball back after Romo's second interceptions.

Dallas gets its third series and a run from MBIII goes for a couple yards. Romo throws another pass high and out of bounds and he's not throwing anywhere near receivers. Something doesn't seem right with Romo. On 3rd and 8 there was a delay of game. And the follies continue. Now 3rd and 3, Romo throws a dump pass to the left for MBIII, who is stopped pretty quick. Another poor series from Dallas.

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