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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's "High Time" in Rumor-ville

If you haven't heard the latest rumor, hold your breath, and slowly exhale. Ricky Williams is looking to get reinstated to the NFL. He's been kicked out three times, all for smoking the ganja. The Dolphins have his rights, but they haven't made contact with him in months, and certainly not since he has expressed interest in returning to the NFL.

We know one team that could use Williams' services immediately: The Tampa Bay Bucs, who lost Cadillac Williams for the season. But another team mentioned in the rumor mill that shocked me was the Dallas Cowboys. What? The Dallas Cowboys? Why in the heck would we even consider taking Ricky Williams? We have two running backs, and a third one would love to get more playing time.

Just because he's an icon in Texas for his college years as a Longhorn doesn't mean he deserves a right to play for America's team. If you're going to smoke pot, do it in the off season so you don't get caught. It makes absolutely no sense to put smoke in your lungs when you're a runner. So, Ricky, here's to you:

Secondly, there is talk about Dallas vying for unhappy Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald. I am unsure about this. I liked Fitz in college, but I also liked the guy who played before him, Antonio Bryant, and he failed in Dallas. In fact, he has failed in the NFL and he's nothing but a below-average receiver now playing for the 49ers. Sure, Fitz seems to be the better receiver, but he hasn't done a whole lot for the Cardinals. And you can't blame this on the new head coach who is run oriented. If he's a playmaker, they'll get him the ball. Yes, Dallas needs to get younger at this position, but we have Crayton and T.O., who could easily play four more years together. A second receiver can be found in the draft, and not in the first round. I say keep that Browns pick and let's get some players. We need corners!


Anonymous said...

Ricky could at least supply the rest of the team with some kind bud.

Not David Derush said...

Haha. Yeah, I guess he could. But Dallas runs a clean operation now.