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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bobby Carpenter and the bust factor

The 18th pick in the 2006 NFL draft is under fire right now amongst Cowboy fans for not meeting expectations. Bobby Carpenter, from the Ohio State Buckeyes, has been a non factor for the Cowboys defense in the two years he has played. Some, if not many, expected he'd be a Pro Bowl linebacker. Instead, names like Bradie James and Greg Ellis have put Carpenter on the shelve, gathering dust.

To be blunt, Carpenter hasn't performed like fans want a first-round pick to perform. He hasn't recorded a sack and his tackle numbers are ineffective.

Why is this happening? Certainly, players who weren't expected to make huge impacts are, and their names are above.

A good debate is taking place on a forum and many are on the fence as to whether BC has been a bust. One argument that can be made is that BC hasn't played one position consistently. He's been moved to different positions throughout his career, and that surely affects his stability. But I expected BC to be a run stopper, playing beside DeMarcus Ware. I figured the two would be Pro Bowlers and our run defense would be one of the best in the NFL. Ware has performed; BC has yet to show he is a starter.

I am not sure what BC will turn into. I am not sure he was a good pick or a bad one. But I can and have said he hasn't played to the potential I thought he had. He and AJ Hawk were a one-two punch linebacker corps that pummeled runners in college. But maybe that's why BC was any good.

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