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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Big Day, folks

I, like most Cowboys fans, couldn't sleep last night. I tossed and turned and just wanted it to be Sunday because of the upcoming matchup against the cheating Patriots. I haven't been this pumped for a Dallas game since the mid-90s.

I am going to skip the predictions this week just to concentrate on this game.

Despite all the NFL "analysts" saying the Patriots are the better team, when you compare the numbers, the two teams actually nearly identical. But, then again, those are just the numbers.

Randy Moss has had a better season this year than any other receiver, including T.O. He has as many touchdowns as T.O. and Jason Witten combined.

Here is what I think will be key to Dallas winning this game: interceptions. Tony Romo cannot throw more than one interception. Why? Because the Patriots are 35-3 since 2000 when they get at least two interceptions. It's certainly a key point to make after Romo's six turnover game last week, a game Dallas won in dramatic fashion.

I am also a tad bit worried about how the secondary will perform against Randy Moss. In Week 1, Plaxico Burress caught 8 passes for 144 yards and 3 touchdowns. Since then, he hasn't had a game even remotely close to that. Moss is three times better than Burress right now. We need to make contact with him at the line and slow his pace, while sending blitzes at Brady to rush him out of the pocket.

If we can limit the interceptions and slow Moss, I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility we blow these suckers out.


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