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Monday, October 22, 2007

Dumb Play Calling Award for Week 7

Anyone catch the end of the Cardinals-Deadskins game? In my humble opinion, the Deadskins didn't deserve to win that game.
I am not sure if it was Ken Whisenhunt or OC Todd Haley that called the play for the two-point conversion, but both will get the Dumb Play Calling Award for Week 7 in the NFL. Congrats guys. You really earned this one.

The Play:

Anquan Boldin was playing quarterback and he ran to the right side of the field. The thought here was Boldin could run it in if he saw a hole. But the play was so obvious once he snapped it that the Deadskins defense swarmed in on Boldin. Still, a wide open receiver waited for the ball in the end zone, but Boldin just dumps it nearly into a Deadskin's hands. It was awful. If either Tim Ratay or Kurt Warner was in I would put a lot of money on a complete pass and a tie game. The receiver was that open. But that horrible play call lost it for them. I know...the Cardinals got the onside kick and missed a long field goal, but it doesn't matter. The game should have gone to overtime.

Now, as for the Cowboys, I truly believe that the Chris Canty blocked kick and Pat Watkins returning it for a touchdown was the play of the game. Without it, we have a drive to make, and three points to make up.

Finally, it was sad to see Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown tear his ACL. He's gone for the year. He was the only bright spot on that woeful Dolphin team, and he's done.

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