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Monday, October 8, 2007

Planets aligned in Buffalo. 10-17

The planets are aligned in Buffalo tonight. Who would have thought by halftime Tony Romo would have 4 INTs, two of which returned for touchdowns? One of the interceptions was a tipped pass caught by a Bills defensive lineman in the endzone for a touchdown. We haven't had a running game, and although the defense has shown glimpses of great play, the planets are just aligned in Buffalo tonight.

I am sure all Dallas fans like me are in shock right now. But there's good news. We are only down by a single touchdown at halftime. A nice quick drive allowed for our rookie kicker Nick Folk to get us a 47 yard field goal as time expired. Four turnovers, all by Romo, and we're still well in this game.

It was a very interesting first half, folks. One I'd like to forget with a win.

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