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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Third Quarter DALLAS TAKES LEAD 24-21

Pats get the ball
On 1st and 10 Brady throws it away after some pressure. On 2nd and 10 Morris is stopped for 2 and is shaken up on the play. He is real slow to get up. We've held him to 10 carries and 14 yards. On 3rd and 8 and Brady is sacked by Nathan Jones! Morris heads to the locker room. We've taken out Morris and their tight end.

Cowboys' first series in the second half...
Crayton catches it for a 7 yard gain. On 2nd and 3 Julius Jones has his best run of the year for 25 yards, breaking two tackles. WOW! On 1st and 10, JJ has another amazing run that will make it on ESPN. It looked as if he goes down, and it might come back but it's not challenged. On 1st and 10, a screen to Owens goes for about 6 yards. On 2nd and 4 J.J. is stuffed for no gain. On 3rd and 4, a big play, Romo rolls out to the right and passes to Crayton for a 1st down! On 1st and Goal from the 8 CRAYTON IS OPEN FOR A TOUCHDOWN. Amazing pass from Romo!!!!!! DALLAS LEADS 24-21!!!!!!!! The pass was right between Harrison and Samuel, the two best players on the Pats defense!!!

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