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Saturday, August 25, 2007

San Antonio Express News: Defense Doomed for another bad season

The San Antonio Express News has an article up here that basically says Terence Newman's injury may hobble the Dallas defense enough to ruin its season.

Hey, I'd be the first one to say that Dallas fans should have some concern about the secondary this year. But I'd be the last to say the defense won't do well this year. Of course, the writers ties in the Greg Ellis saga, Isaiah Stanback's injury (this guy doesn't play defense and I wouldn't say he is an intricate part of the team) and the depth problems at cornerback.

Here's a snippet:

But what happens if Glenn goes down? Phillips painted a bleak picture when asked Thursday about the state of the team's corners not named Newman, Glenn or Henry, who opposing offensive coordinators like to pick on so much.
"I like some of the things they are doing certainly, but I don't have a great feeling that we've got four corners or five corners that can really play," Phillips said, making it clear he sees nothing special in Nate Jones, Jacques Reeves, Joey Thomas, Quincy Butler and rookies Alan Ball and Courtney Brown.

The writer, Tom Orsborn, then goes from journalist to columnist with this comment:
But if Ellis doesn't return, Spencer is just so-so and Newman is hobbled, the defense could be in for another disappointing season.
And right there he lost my attention. Thank god the article ended there. Point is, I DO think the defense will be improved this year. By blitzing more and changing the way we use our safeties, I think it will rush quarterbacks and allow for more interceptions and sacks.

Dallas plays Houston tonight in their third preseason game. Tonight we should get a good two-quarter look at starting defense. I'm not about to say Spencer is so-so. I will make that judgment after watching him play in a few season games. But even if he is, I just disagree that will be in for another disappointing season for the defense. We may be in for some disappointment with our secondary.

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