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Monday, August 13, 2007

Greg Ellis may be Done

I returned from a short vacation to find out Greg Ellis may retire. Apparently, his heel injury isn't healing fast enough. He tried to run a few practice rounds last week and felt too much pain. I had a post earlier about Ellis and his whining about a contract extension.

No one in their right mind would give an extension to an injured player. Especially one who got an injury that takes a year to recover from. Secondly, although Ellis has led the team in sacks for six of his 10 years, that doesn't translate into a whole lot of awesome play. We haven't had a major sack artist since Charles Haley. That may all change.

Before his injury, it seemed like Ellis was on his way to one of his best seasons with the Cowboys. He was also playing a new position that he was worried about playing--he asked to be traded.

Despite this, it seems more and more like Anthony Spencer is going to get some serious playing time this year.

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