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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Uh Oh Redskins, Did you see that?

Redskins fans are shitting their pants right now after watching what just happened to Jason Campbell. The Steelers rushed him and a lineman, who was falling down and certainly didn't do this purposely, slammed into Campbell's knee.

He moaned and groaned on the turf for 8 minutes and then limped off the field. Todd Collins comes in for the likely out-for-the-year Campbell.

It was hilarious listening to Joe Theismann when the hit happened. He kept saying defensive players shouldn't hit low. What an idiot this guy is. In any live game, you can't turn it off and on. Even in preseason, the players on the field want to make plays.

So, In honor of Theismann, here ya go:

"All indication is it might just be a sprain," gimpy Theismann said.

Well, at least Collins led the team to a TD.

Stay tuned for an update on the Campbell injury, but below could be the diagnosis.

Update: "Bruised knee" is what is coming out of the Redskins camp. Good. I prefer they be 100 percent when we destroy them twice this year.


kickholder said...

I watched that Giants game on a five-inch black-and-white television in 1985. I've probably seen it 50 times since then, and I still turn my head.

I'm still not impressed with Campbell, but I would agree that it's more satisfying to beat the Redskins when they are at full strength.

PJS said...

I am very imprssed with Campbell and see him as someone who can become the NFC East's second best quarterback this year behind Donovan.

Dallas Cowboys Blog said...

Oh boy, I hope kickholder doesn't read that pjs. Oh no.