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Monday, August 6, 2007

Does it matter? And...more rumors

I'm not surprised T.O. is missing practices again. I was surprised he showed up early to work outs. Does it really matter that T.O. always seems to get the injury bug during the pre-season? Does it make a difference to other teammates? My feeling, and this is just my humble opinion, is this probably irks some of the veterans. It will be even worse if T.O. drops as many passes as he did last year.

He had an MRI that came back negative, which we all expected. I don't care if he misses every single practice. I just want to win. And I know that to win, a team must practice---together.

In other news, do you know who this is:

It's Priest Holmes, who at age 34, is attempting to comeback as a running back for the Chiefs, a team that really doesn't need him unless LJ breaks a leg. But I find this YahooNews report very interesting. It was just last month that rumors were Dallas may get LJ. Now the rumors are we may get Priest Holmes?

Come on. Please cut the crap. We don't need either of these guys. People must have missed that we had a pretty decent, and very young, running duo last year. We can only expect that duo backfield to be even better. So why would we even consider either of these two aged, overused, backs?

It's beyond me.

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