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Thursday, August 9, 2007

First Series of Pre-season

Tony Romo looked pretty good in the first series, using 16 plays and 9.5 minutes. A lot of short passes that work well on first and second downs, but not so well on third and long. Not sure why Romo didn't see Witten wide open on second and long.

I noticed Marion Baber was trying to spin and juke the defense, when he should be driving straight ahead. A four-yard gain could have been a 10-yard gain if he just ran straight ahead. I sense he's trying to show he's an every-down back. I hope there's no backfield controversy because it would truly hurt the team.

A field goal is all we got, but for 14 of those 16 plays the offense seemed to be clicking.

On defense, guess what? We gave up the deep ball. Luckily, the defense tightened up and we held the Colts to three points.

On the second offensive series, it seemed the offensive line gave up blocking. Keep in mind, we're playing a team that was horrible stopping the run until the playoffs.

But, Romo to Fasano (tight end) kept it alive with three great passes and catches.

I am surprised they are keeping Romo in so long.

Barber had a tough, mean one-yard run that he almost broke. He has the ability to break tackles more than JJ.

2nd and 9 to Barber again who gains just three yards. Third down and 6: Another short dump pass from Romo, to Barber. Again, I don't understand this. Romo's first choice seemed covered as he turned his head to the right, held the ball and then finally dumped it to Barber.

Folk, our rookie kicker, makes an easy 25 yard field goal to put Dallas up 6-3.

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